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Hopefully not the Psi Corps.

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Yes, I think so too. They've been itching to fix it for years but Granny always refused and insisted on fighting it out with the broom as is. Now that they have their chance, they "replaced" pretty much everything, so Geoffrey has essentially a new broom. Have we ever seen a witch with a completely new broom? It seems to me that, due to the engrained system of hand-me-downs that witches operate under, the answer is no.

And now I'm reminded of the old saying "A new broom sweeps clean". This can apply to both Tiffany's approach to Granny's steading and to Geoffrey himself (who is part of Tiffany's clean sweep of traditions).

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Mrs. Bradshaw is a reference to the famous Bradshaw's Guides , which were a series of railway timetables and travel guides. They became the standard reference works for British travellers beginning in 1839 and last published in 1961.

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So very sorry to hear this, Mark. Take the time you need.

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Young Sam gives his fear to Mr. Whistle. Do you suppose Sybil sings this with him?

[youtube WGS029Peq7k&app=desktop&persist_app=1 youtube]

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Kids ask questions because they want to know the answers. Adults sometimes ask questions as a form of veiled judgement which is why adults get uncomfortable with questions. If you answer the kid's questions, they usually go "Oh, ok." and move on to the next item, having gained the information they were after. They do learn to judge pretty early, but it's usually in the context of figuring out how things work. Toddlers and young children can be pretty quick to point out when you deviate from pattern, but it's more part of trying to identify the rules to function by than anything else.

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I also think there may be the idea that Willikins has dropped his posh butler veneer more and more the better he's gotten to know Vimes. He did do a lot of abrupt switching back and forth in Jingo, between the violent sergeant (didn't one of his soldiers say he'd bitten someone's nose off?) and the proper butler. We've had increasing though still isolated instances since then, such as the dwarf home invasion in Thud!. He still talks like a butler, but he's stopped behaving like one anymore when others aren't present. Now the gloves are off completely and we aren't getting butler scenes from him, just bodyguard ones. Vimes doesn't require a bodyguard in the city, where he's at home on the streets and has the whole Watch to back him up. At least, that's how I interpret it.

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Light Dragons = Light Dragoons, but with dragons rather than horses. Or maybe dragons AND horses?

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He's always spoken highly of Lady Sybil as well.

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I've come across the "ward full of Napoleons" joke in a few different places, but I don't know the actual origin either.