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Dragon Age Origins. I can see some of the characters as follows....
Alistair - Apple Jack
Morrigan - Twilight
Leliana - Fluttershy
Flemeth - Rarity
Oghren - Apple Jack
Anders - Trixie

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Assassin's Creed 2! Rainbow Dash as Ezio would be so friggin cool.

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Whilst I do like the episode's moral and Spike's character growth, I really, really, really wish they had saved this moral for another episode. The title of this episode is EQUESTRIA GAMES, not 'Spike The Hero'. I agree with Keg that the focus for this was all wrong. It would've been nice to see the mane 6 interacting with the other nations, making new friends and trying to overcome hurdles (quite literally).

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Did anyone else feel like singing Lion King's 'Hakuna Matata' after Spike learnt his lesson? I did, hehe.

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Yeah....I saw that too, hehe. Makes them all the more cuter.

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I swear I just saw Towleee from South Park in one of those small video frames. o,O

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I got the impression that they used the clock as means to live in a different dimension so that the Bat Horse's family wouldn't be discovered by the enemy. However, when I watched this the first time and he started to cry it did confuse me a lot. I think someone mentioned that the clock was used as a Time Machine to return to his loved ones in the nick of time. Nice characters, but the story doesn't flow naturally, hence why everyone seems to be scratching their heads to this.