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loulou.... police might seem stupid in the way they have to do things...but there are rules that have to be followed so that IF this is something other than "natural" they will be able to use the evidence they collect. Believe it or not, most cops are also parents... I have 5 kids... and this makes me sick, but let the facts come out and let the police do their job.... God bless both the babies and their families.

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First of all don't preach to me about the "laws” and I know all about not taking the law into your own hands…. BUT on the other hand… I also have kids and I work with kids who are abused…and I know how much damage this is going to do to those kids. If you tell me that you wouldn’t be pissed off or want to beat the crap out of someone who hurt your kids…you’re either a liar or you don’t have kids. As for proof….3, 5 and 10 year olds don’t lie about things like this…. It would be rare for a young kid, especially for a 3 or 5 year old to lie about something like this. Professionally, I agree with you, we have laws for a reason… I’ve spent most of my life upholding those laws… but as a dad… my reaction would be different.

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Good idea...and well said.

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Alesyruia.... It’s not the police that decide whether or not to arrest the “family member” or bring charges against him. If you want to know the truth… I know a lot of cops that would have done the same thing to this POS... maybe worse. I know I would have, at the very least, beat the hell out of him… In my opinion the “family member” was justified in what he did and I hope there aren’t any charges brought against him… I’m not sure they’ll find a jury to convict him for what he did to this useless POS anyway.

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USAFSentry… well said. Tina…Personally I couldn’t care less who’s related to whom or whether they are boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife… they are all sick POS and hopefully they won’t be able to hurt any more kids…ever again. And by the way I sure as hell don’t care how to spell her name… what I do care about is that these kids no longer have to endure the horrible abuse they were subject to… and I would hope to God that the baby that sick *itch is carrying now, also gets taken away from her, because she and the rest of them, do not deserve to have kids. There are plenty of people out there that can’t have kids that would love the chance to be parents…. Maybe these kids will end up with people who can show them that not all parents and grandparents hurt their kids.

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Mr. Farley…. Well said… To be honest I’d not only like to lock them up but I’d like to have about 10 minutes alone with any so called parent or anyone who abuses a kid…but you’re right…. It doesn’t work that way. If people only knew how frustrating it is to be limited as to what we can and can’t do in those situations, it's better than it was even 10 years ago, but the system and laws still need to change to allow us to protect the people who need us the most…. I have 5 kids of my own and it about kills me to work a case where a kid has been abused and the abuser is a lying SOB who denies everything and actually thinks everyone around is stupid enough to believe their lies, while the kids are scared to death. I do everything I can to talk to the kids and let them know I’ll believe them …sometimes it works out but sometimes it doesn’t….but we do what we can. Anyway, it was a nice change to read a post like yours…thanks.

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It’s horrible when a child dies in ANY way, much less at the hands of someone the family knows, (or in this case, is related to) and they trusted him to take care of her. Hopefully an autopsy will show that it wasn’t actually anything the Uncle did that caused the death of this beautiful little girl. Her parents are amazing people… to be able to think of other kids at a time like this and donate La Keira’s organs… what a truly selfless and generous act. My prayers are with her family and friends.

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Okay... so he wasn't technically a "baby" ..... what the he!! difference does that make?? To some people, especially people with kids, 5 years old is still a baby… and either way, he was killed… that’s what the story is about…. Maybe you should “get a life”

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Grandmom…when I read “mom’s” post I was furious and ready to reply… then I read what you wrote… very well said!! And believe me, the investigators on this case will make it a major priority… at least I hope to God they do… I know MOST investigators work that much harder when the case involves a child… it’s one of the hardest cases to work on, but you’re driven that much more to find out what happened and have some sort of justice…. As for the parents…. Until the facts are known, I won’t jump to conclusions about that… maybe he’s from out of state and they haven’t matched the missing persons info with him yet…. It might not be a parent… time will tell, but the facts remain that a little boy lost his life and that’s a tragic situation no matter what the circumstances are.

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Unfortunately, some of those choices affect the rest of their lives. If what she said is true then let’s put MOST the blame where it belongs…with the two ADULT Males that allegedly did this…not men…real men don’t hurt women or kids.