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Oh, and ten days ago, Julia became a US citizen, too! Congratulations.

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John -

You complete me. Having said that, Duck Soup is awesome and Abbot and Costello suck.

And, YES, the Beatles are WAY overrated. If I had a nickel for every time a Baby Boomer told me in the 1970's and 1980's how we will be listening to the Beatles 200 years later - like Beethoven and Mozart, then...well..I'd have a lot of nickels. Fact is... Beatles are no better (or worse) than hundreds of other bands - it is just that the Baby Boomers were so self-important as a group that they really thought they had INVENTED music!

Everyone knows WE invented music in the 80's. :)

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Having said that, because of it, Alex wrote this, and because Alex wrote this, I spent 5 minutes on the Feeding America site (I had not heard of Feeding America), and because I was impressed with the work they do, I made a donation. Sorry to bum everyone out with the roundabout efficacy of such a lame stunt, but it looks like a good group doing good work.

P.S. I am subtracting my donation from Alex's bonus. Is that wrong?

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The end of Night Hawks gets better every time I see it.

But as for Stallone movies I can watch again, and again, and again, I'll take Victory.

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Saw License To Kill this week. With our own Robert Davi as Franz Sanchez. Davi + Wayne Newton = genius casting, almost good enough to overlook the Timothy Dalton casting!

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Your Hannie Calder made me immediately think of a good one to add: The Quick and the Dead. Gene Hackman, Russell Crowe, Sharon Stone, Leo DiCaprio. Just plain awesome.

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I liked Mystic Pizza. Her best work.

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What was the joke?

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What a great chance for Hollywood to show their support for the troops - a ride in Hollywood's "hometown."

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