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A fitting final post for Mallory "Creed Arms into a Sea of Haters" Ortberg.

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Nikki, thank you for all the work you have done shepherding wonderful ideas and feelings into our lives in your editing role.
But even more than that, thank you for sharing about your experiences of adoption and race. I grew up in a community where many people had adopted, many transracially, and as a queer woman i expected that I would adopt kids someday. You writing has added complexity and (appropriate) difficulty to my thoughts about all of that. Thank you for helping me be a better human and potential parent someday.

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Wow. This piece is wide-ranging and insightful and heartbreaking. Thank you for writing it.

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I'm getting my PhD in philosophy, and I hadn't heard of either of these philosophers. Thanks for sharing!

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This is so accurate, but the moments of butch bonding in the menswear section almost make it all worth it. It's such a relief to be seen by someone who Gets It.
(And also probably Can Get It. Butch people are pretty dang attractive.)

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(Editing/amending to add: People don't deserve one another or get one another if they're good enough. A better way to put that is: Xander never properly appreciated the fury and beauty and Ayn Rand-ian iron will in support of capitalism and unexpected pathos that was Anya.
I clearly Have Some Feelings About This.)

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Yes yes yes. This is perfect. You are perfect. Anya is perfect and Xander never deserved her.

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This is the animal hatred post I have been waiting for my whole life.

My college roommate knew how much I hated possums and bought a stuffed animal possum sold at Cracker Barrel (the greatest of the fine establishment's crimes). She then proceeded to hide it in various locations for the next several months: the trunk of my car, in my backpack, under the covers in my bed. You'd think it wouldn't be creepy because it was just a stuffed animal, but it had the right " ONE POINT FIVE CATS" size and "slithery nude little shit-tail" and was horrifying. EVERY. TIME.
My first job out of college, I seized upon the Christmas white elephant gift exchange as they ideal opportunity to get rid of it once and for all. It was the prized/most-stolen gift, and I rejoiced that it had at last benefited me in social capital, the dastardly thing.
A week later, I yelped in horror as I rounded the corner in the coat closet, to find it hanging there from its little shit-tail, and realized that I had inflicted it upon myself in a whole new context.

And that is my possum story.
Possums: they're horrifying even when stuffed animals.