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It has only divided the nation between the people who HAVE something because they WORKED for it and the people who won't work and WANT what others have.

It just isn't fair that other people have more than me, waaaaaa waaaaaaaa. Government, give me their stuff cause I is owed it.

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My feelings have not changed one bit. Repeal it, throw it away, it is crap just like Murray and Cant-do-anything-well

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PUKE! And they wonder why. Even the "normal gay community" looks at these freaks as FREAKS. Sorry, I aint buying it, SIR!

WTF would you call him....errrr....her......it.....?? Yes Sir...I mean...Maam...I mean wierdo!

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I just got done watching the videos from the link Hagar posted. I laughed. I cannot believe people would want him fired for those videos.

Lighten up morons and get a life. If it offends you, turn off the TV and STFU

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Poor taste sure, but really, how many people in this world can do the job he does or did? How about spank his butt, reprimand him, but removing him from command?

I would rather have an unclean nasty dirty mouth sob who knows how to send our troops to war and get them home than some whimp who is too politically correct to fight his/her way out of a one stall bathroom.

They are WARRIORS people, they are gonna act differently and you may not like it, but then you ain't laying your life on the line like they are.

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That has already been done. Been to school lately? It amazes me what we "don't teach" our children now days. No wonder we are dumbing down our society and making them dependant on the State.

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I am not religious AT ALL...but really? Really? Our judicial system has spent how much time on this POS? How about majority rules....how about telling some idiot and a couple of minority groups...sorry, don't look at it then. Avert your eyes and STFU!

As Rider said above, it doesn't always have to mean "god" or "the god" or "a particual religion". I am just done with people who actually think this is a good thing. To actually think that this was a good ruling and a important piece of "legislating from the bench" is moronic. You cannot reason with people who support this crap, and crap it is.

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It is even crazier than that. I met a 25 year old male the other day who told me all about his "free" stuff. When I asked him what he meant he told me that the state (he meant Washington State) paid for his apartment, put money on a debt card for him to withdrawl cash from, a food card for groceries and free healthcare. He actually seemed surprised at all his "free" stuff.

I told him he was welcome...he didn't get it.

It goes far beyond imma-grants, we are sucking ourselves dry with handouts and entightlements. Pretty soon there will be nothing left.

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Islam + Shariah Law = morons like this world wide. Scary part is that he and his fellow believers think he is justified and it was his right.

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Don't want to do that, because under Shairah Law he would be justified. We should be able to try him under the old pioneer system of law and string him up on the nearest tree.