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"Jim, Bob, and Jimbob all got thrown to safety but the cases of Sudafed tablets was destroyed."

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I've always wanted to build a tiny triangular home in one of these. Would be a cool place to have views of the skyline...at the cost of having to take the stairs all the time.

Bureaucracies being what they are, though, my architectural dream will go unrealized.

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I work for an architecture firm that does luxury multi-family residences. We get a lot of requests from developers to put a "dog salon" in, formerly a "dog wash," and prior to that, a "hose bib," and prior to THAT, a: "you let your dog stay in your apartment?"

Note: a "dog salon" is a room with a tub and a hose. I've never been in one, but it probably smells bad.

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It's fascinating to consider how much of America is fenced. My grandparents have property in central Texas that features the remains of barbed wire or crude stone fences, markers of partitions that were once carefully surveyed, at least two generations ago, and are now no longer relevant. And a fence is a pain in the ass to build. Not to get too fancypants here, but it's a nice thing to reflect on in the middle of nowhere - boundaries are fleeting, with enough time the landscape just shrugs them off.

I haven't found much old tech out there, but I occasionally go remote and leave things behind - not pollutants or eyesores, just little monuments that'll be around longer than me.

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To this day I think this episode (and NOVA in general) is one of the top 5 things I've ever seen on TV. And there was hardly a dick joke in it.

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August 1, 2010. Lisa marries Hugh. http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l6g2qcu27I1qzpw...

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I do consider the safety, reliability, and INSANE scope of the global airline industry to be a much bigger technological achievement than anything we've launched into space. The machines, pilots and their support systems that we've engineered to perform at these limits are amazing, and yet I will throw an absolute ****fit when my flight is delayed by an hour.

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Jiggling a crummy doorknob to get into a room always lowers the expectations of what you'll find inside. Sure, the cheapest doorknob still locks, but the feel of clicking latches and properly aligned bolts sliding into place imparts an important feeling of solidity that can't be beat.

Looking at the header pic, it reminds me...I have always wanted to install TWO separate A/C systems in a car and damn the lost horsepower and fuel...I want to drive around Houston in ~45 degrees this summer.

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Strawberry filled shredded wheat.

Not strawberry frosted shredded wheat,
not mixed-berry filled shredded wheat,
but strawberry. Someday it'll come back. For now I'll have to settle for the mixed berry, but its just not the same.

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My neighbor has hundreds of bees buzzing around her house.
They are making a home in her siding.
She can't afford to get rid of them.
I am scared to let kids out to play.
Does anyone harvest bees that could get them?
Thank you!