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So much for being a global force..

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The wording of his tweet sounds like the "major announcements" from TNA. In all seriousness though, I wish him the best in his future endeavors..

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Probably wishful thinking, but I hope they let these two take the ball and rub with it. This could be a fun feud.

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The difference is that Brock was mauling Frank Mir up in his first fight. Mir was fortunate to have gotten Brock into a submission, otherwise, it would have been lights out for Frank. CM Punk literally got zero offense and was completely annihilated by Gall. The couple of punches Punk attempted to get in, looked like the equivalent of the sissy punches you seen thrown when two 8 year olds are having a scuffle during recess. Unless Punk is matched up against a fighter who is about as in over his head as Punk is, Punk will get fairly demolished again in his second showing.

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Call in the Big Show to pull a double-double cross.

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Any thoughts on Shinsuke Nakamura, Hulkster? Humbled by your eternal greatness.

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From Miami Hurricanes to Florida Gator colors...

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"Kurt... Come up here and say something stupid."

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I actually think she looks better without the excessive makeup.