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Why aren't smoke detectors mandatory in homes and businesses, like in many countries?

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As parents, it is our duty to ensure our children's safety at all times. We cannot blame The Almighty for our negligence.

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"Statutory rape an artificial construct of western feminism"! Well thank goodness some societies have worked out what is decent behavior, even if you have not. Just because our forefathers and mothers behaved in a certain way, that surely does not mean we cannot raise our standards. The position of women is no longer dictated by the law of the jungle ( those with greater physical strength use it for their own ruthless self interest), unless we're talking about primitive societies.
Arranged marriages fit well within the " law of the jungle" principle. Typically, a daughter is traded off for status or monetary gain by a father who has his own selfish interests at heart. The poor girl would have no hope of leaving such a marriage, as her wishes are of no consequence in a society where life is reduced to the lowest common denominator. Thankfully, the majority of us seek a more enlightened existence.

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If the relevant authorities are serious about promoting the health benefits of reducing tobacco use, raising the tax on cigarettes and tobacco could provide funding for quit smoking campaigns. Also, making it an offense to smoke in public areas, protects innocent people who don't want their lungs polluted, and means that children are not exposed to bad example from adults.

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Thank goodness, we have heard some sanity at last! It beggars belief that anyone with an ounce of decency could sanction reward rather than punishment for the dreadful crime of rape. Just imagine the torment so many poor girls and women have had to suffer having to cohabit with a rapist, and bear their children.

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We are becoming the laughing stock of the world.

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We should all be hoping Wanndy manages to persuade the 57 Malaysian traitors to stay well away from here

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These pin heads would benefit from examining what (if anything) is in their own heads, rather than what someone else chooses to, or chooses not to, put on their own head.

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So true. It's nobody's business but your own, what race or religion you are, except of course if you're Malaysian.

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The general public would do well to heed DS Ahmad's warning about Hudud. Let's paint a picture of some people's concept of righteous living. Don't worry about higher education. Once you procure a wife, you can be king of your own domain and have her at your beck and call. Pity slavery has been outlawed, because even servants have some rights. Bored with the wife, or just fancy someone else? No problem, just get another, and another, and another. Running short of cash? Why not trade off your daughter? Never mind if he's some crumbling old wreck, he's probably able to stump up a decent bride price. If you're the poor woman in this picture, though, beware.Don't look twice at any other man, or you're likely to get flogged, or stoned.If a man fancies you and catches you unawares, you'll probably end up being the entertainment in the village square, unless there happen to be 4 men there at the time, who weren't participants.Your word will only count for a quarter of theirs, being a mere female, no matter how serious your injuries. Looking for entertainment? Why not take yourself off to the central square to enjoy a good old flogging or stoning? Better still, maybe some starving wretch who didn't have a daughter to trade off has stolen some food, so you can get your jollies watching his hand get cut off. Harmony or hell? Depends on whether you're the man of the house, or the poor defenceless woman.