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I have repeatedly suggested that the additional $330 or so billion left in the Wall Street allocation coupled with the trillion or so that the recovery plan will ultimately cost would be better spent offering Americans low interest debt rehabilitation and consolidation loans.

Replacing our high interest debt with "one low monthly payment" would provide disposable income that would lead to spending, and nothing stimulates the economy like spending.

Also, allowing those applying for the low interest loans to request additional funding for the purchase of a home, car, or other asset in an industry that desperately needs market stimulation would help resolve the mortgage and auto industry crises.

How about everyone go to http://house.govand http://senate.govand http://whitehouse.govand let the President and Congress know that we insist that the recovery trickle up this time!!!

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I'm doing some research on areas of study or training programs to prepare people for pursuing the "green" jobs. I'm planning to go back for my Masters in the fall but can't figure out what area of study would position me to take advantage of America's new emphasis on "green" jobs. Any suggestions?

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Thanks, Laurie. I realize they are in place, but haven't been able to find an actual copy of the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan" to see if they are specifically addressed in terms of the new jobs creation.

I've been trying to get the administration to consider a simple addition to employment verification that could help weed out ineligible workers or those using someone else's SSN by adding a personal identification number associated with our SSN....attempts to associate a duplicate PIN or use the same SSN and PIN to verify duplicate employments could flag employees for further verification.

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I lost my job in January, my home in May, and have had to move my family from the warmth of Atlanta to the freezing cold of Waterloo, Iowa. I only bought a home to try to provide a stable environment for my children, even though I know I have never made enough money to make ends meet. We managed ok until I had no income.

I don't regret having tried to be a homeowner and I don't cry about our current situation. I haven't been able to find employment close to my previous salary and it took me too long to get to that level to now take a big cut that equates to going back to entry level.

So, I've decided to stay broke while America recovers, just work part-time to have a little pocket change, and go back to school to get my Masters Degree so that when the recovery starts I will have positioned myself to get a better, higher paying job, instead of taking a big step backward.

I think this is an opportunity for all of us to "reposition" ourselves so that we turn our challenges into opportunities, both for us and for America.

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I offered these suggestiong for the recovery plan in the briefing book, but there is no discussion there so I'm repeating here for discussion...

(1) As I mentioned earlier, employment eligibility verification must be improved so that we don't spend hundreds of billions of dollars creating new jobs for illegal aliens.

(2) Job training programs and employer incentives for on-the-job training should be included in the plan.

(3) Employer incentives for welfare-to-work should also be included in the plan so that not only unemployment is reduced, but also welfare participation.

(4) Since it is estimated that as much as 42% of the jobs created will go to women, while only 20% of the unemployed work force is women, special work incentives for women should be included such as before/after school assistance, daycare assistance, and incentives to employers to allow flex-time schedules for women or men who have primary responsibility for children.

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I have two concerns about the recovery plan:

(1) How is the administration going to ensure that the new jobs created go to American citizens, not green card workers or illegal aliens? The first part of this plan needs to be improving the employment eligibility verification process. I have submitted the concept of a PIN associated with our SSN in numerous places, but will also post information at KristalMiller.Com to make it easier to locate.

(2) Why does the plan include another "band aid" allocation to business and individuals in tax breaks? Why not take the remainder of the $700 billiion Wall Street allocation, plus the budgeted amount in this plan and instead of giving a lil cash here and there, use those funds to offer low interest debt consolidation loans to citizens and businesses? By lowering monthly interest payments, you would increase available cash for consumer purchasing and business operational and investment budgets.

Additionally, during debt consolidation, businesses and individuals could take an additional loan amount for purchases in targeted industries, thus negating the credit crunch while stimulating the market for industries that are in dire need.

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Mark, unlike the response your anger and obvious emotionally motivated commenting may look like to others, to me it looks and feels like the outrage of someone who has a lot to say...much of which could have value.

But having potential value and being effective are not the same thing. I would love to hear your voice, but not your negative and abusive voice, but your real voice offering information, education, and solutions.

Mark, other than the obvious, how has Barack Obama's inclusion of "the other extreme" impacted you? Is it just that you placed all your hopes in him and now feel that he didn't mean the promises? Is it that you expected him to position himself on the left and are disappointed that he is trying to include all America, even the extreme right? Is it what??? Please help us understand why you are soooooo outraged.

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Uhhhh, can I borrow that one? Although I still like "putting you on IGNORE!"

"....we are diverse and noisy and opinionated..." PE Obama

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Falling out my chair laughing. Yeah, what he said!!!

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Ha, ha...that was a good one and all I can say is that place inside me that feels really wrong when I get ready to curse someone out or am tempted to tell a lie or talk about someone behind their back or want to seduce a man into engaging in extramarital sex....that warning that keeps me from crossing the line was not activated at the thought of a "marriage of minds."