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Richard Dawkins and the like are not threatening to blow us up, so they are no threat, they have the freedom to voice their opinions and do so without violence!! Richard Dawkins is a gentleman and a very talented man IMO !! To put him in the same category as Islamist Terrorism is a bit tooo radical for me!! Lets not go to the other extreme and start persecuting everyone who doesn't agree with Christianity!! I happen to be an atheist myself and a Darwinian, but I don't demand that everyone converts to my way of thinking - I'm quite happy to live in a Christian based culture as it is part of our heritage, but I wish to be free to think as I like!! This island actually held Pagan beliefs and traditions way before Christianity, so ALL our ancestral traditions should be honoured on this island!!

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Just as a point of interest, I've got the complete prophecies of Nostradamus (the real one of course, not our dear poster on here! lol) and in one of his quatrains he predicts in the 21st Century that a tide of Islam will flood across Europe! I wonder if the integration of Turkey into the EU superstate has anything to do with this ??? Just thought I'de mention it !!

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No comparison is there Falcon!! Our Nick is the cream of the political crop - nothing more to say !!

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Breaking News: Gordon Brown has been defeated in the General Election as the British National Party sweep to power with an overwhelming majority vote !! (will that do??)

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I emailed the four Welsh Euro Candidates to my Mum in Pembrokeshire and she said she was going to tick all of them haha!! It didn't take much for her to support the BNP a few years ago, because she didn't like the sudden appearance of just a few 3rd worlders!! She said she'd hate to live where I do, because they are everywhere in East Sussex!! Now she has got her brothers on board aswell, one of which has a son, my cousin, who is a Major in the Queens Regiment Special Forces and has just returned from Iraq!! He won't be going out again now, because his promotion means he will be training future cannon fodder for the Regime's illegal wars!! Wish I was a millionare, I'de give whatever was needed to the BNP - well, I can dream can't I lol !!

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LOL LOL LOL this has gonna have me giggling for ages !! Great humour - typical British haha !! Very clever play on words, love it !!!!

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Bless his heart !! The backbone of this nation helping the future backbones of this nation!! Makes one very proud !! What a wonderful example to all of us to step up to the plate and make those sacrifices, which are nothing compared to the sacrifices our ancestors made in the trenches of the wars!! Dig deep my friends, we owe it to Sid and the whole nation!!