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I can't believe they won't pay up!
At least you have your Dreamcast. I have a couple of units, but the controller ports are always fail. In this day and age, I use the boot loader to play the ripped games because SEGA won't release any of its old stock. It still hurts to hear that dead VMU pierce my ears like a giga pet shitting itself when you turn the console on.

BTW - Im glad I listened to the show past the 10 minute mark - almost missed a great show. Maybe thats why the comments are so quiet this week.

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I always knew the TQ was too good. Its about time you guys get your very own MoDeal. So is the TQ going multiplatform now? Congratulations! Don't forget about us, peace.

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I just finished listening to the ep. Well I want to say congratulations on your up and coming sponsorship, but my lack of espanol linguistics won't intimidate me from keeping up to date with you guys. Best of luck but i'm still wondering if the fact that April 1st is just a day away is a factor, hmmm.

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Oh yah, Sheva is a real hottie and would get with her is a second! I do recommend playing Resident Evil 5 and I had a blast and will still go through again to unlock more goodies. Its just that I was really really disappointed with the linear gameplay, the lame boss fights "too easy", copy and paste enemies, weak puzzles and short story mode. Its like waiting forever to get it on with your hot new girlfriend, but when you finally get her in the sack - she just doesn't have the moves to keep up with your passion. I am not hating on your love for the game Desz. Its just that I was expecting a whole lot more from this title.

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I think that Resident Evil 5 was a fun co-op experience, but its one of the worst Resident Evil games so far. Seriously if this wasn't Resident Evil - it would get a 2 out of 5 michelas. So it gets 3 michelas because I enjoyed the story, even with that abrupt ending.

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As long as the story is just as good, i'll be happy to pick up this game

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I have one DVD out at a time and they are charging me $2 for Blu-Ray now. Sucks because I got my first Blu-Ray the other day through netflix and it took quite me able to justify that extra dollar. I only got netflix for instant pretty much - but i think ill pay the extra dollar. weakness

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I'm ready for a return to Modern Warfare! I don't know if the TQ knows that the Call of Duty name has been dropped. It is only known as "Modern Warfare 2". Kinda going to be weird talking about a Call of Duty game without using Call of Duty in the title. I guess anything is better than Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 "The Return of Chernobyl" Titan Evo Gold Edition

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I love my ps3 interface because it doesn't force me to look at advertisements like the 360 dash. I hope they keep ads off my clean interface.

I hope i'll be able to charge my controller while the system is off.

I would also like an option to switch my themes background choices for that specific theme.
"You know how themes have multiple backgrounds"

A save mode for my themes when I combine icons from another theme and a wallpaper of my own would be nice.

The abilty to download or use my own PSN ID display pic.

I really want to be able to join someones game just by going to my friends list and join them in whatever game server their at.

Not much to ask for, but I hope they thought about these at least. These were just somethings on the top of my head that would be nice.

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Just letting you guys know, Unreal 3 is a whole more fun than Socom. I just got off a 3 hour gaming session and it really takes me back to my pc lan party days in he late 90's. Can't wait till wednesday - still a fun game in my opinion.