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I thought she was killing them... What's wrong with me

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"It would be good if they didn't really close, either. Like, male sure there's at least a two inch gap at all times"

"Um.... Okay?"

"Or, even better, make sure the lock is so flimsy it might fall off any minute!"

"How would that be a good idea?"

"It makes people think about what they value more, freedom or process privacy!"

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It's 2050 and few parents send their sons to college anymore - they'll just marry and become stay-at-home husbands, what do they need to go to college for?

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No no no, the giant hole is what they left out.

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It's just the opposite to me... I put on a hat and it swallows all of my head.

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Maybe both sides kind of envy each other? Like the jocks are everything a nerdy guy might want to be, popular and attractive and so on, and the nerds are good at things that might be hard to grasp for other people, like, idk, advanced math or something, so everyone spreads their own nasty stereotypes about the other party and they're both just normal people basically. Am I making sense? I'm half asleep already, so sorry if it's just gibberish.

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I think the fact that Penny is actually funny is a big thing already - she's not just the clueless blonde everyone laughs about, she can dish out, too.

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I know it's not OoT, but Link and Ghirahim (from Skyward Sword) are THE SHIT. I mean, Ghirahim definitely wants to stick his tongue into more than just Link's ear IYKWIM, plus he can transform into a badass sword.

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Oh, Americans. You make me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

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It was kind of the ideal size. Big penises were seen as uncultured/animalistic/barbaric/vulgar. Small penises were a sign of cultural superiority and civilization.