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There is nothing and there will never ever be anything cool about a trike.

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One word: direct injection two-strokes.

OK so that's three or four words.

Something lightweight, FWD (yes really), two-stroke. The styling I'm not worried about at all. We already know what both partners are capable of if given free rein. The new direct-injection two-stroke tech is so clean-burning that very soon it could be ready for road cars given a little more development. KTM and Rotax are already working on it for street bikes which need to meet similar emissions standards. And of course the two-stroke is capable of a lot better power-to-weight than an equivalent four-stroke, not to mention being a big part of SAAB heritage.

Everyone is rattling on and hand-wringing about SAAB not being able to compete with BMW and Mercedes but that was never what the real SAAB was about at all.

edit: and by the way. Everyone does remember the variable compression engine, right?

also a link

1.6L five-cylinder, variable compression, supercharged, 225hp and 224 ft-lb torque.

That's the kind of stuff SAAB is capable of - if they aren't stifled. And now they won't be.*