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Yeah, the Teacher's Union is protesting in Tennessee's state capitol and I heard a sound byte from a teabagger that said some nonsense about how public employee Unions are stealing money from the taxpayers because the taxpayers pay their salaries and some of their salaries pay the Union dues, so therefore that's taxpayer money somehow? These asswipes have themselves completely twisted in knots trying to justify their fake outrage. They are either paid directly from their corporate masters or they are a tool thereof (but they would never admit it). I'm sure the Koch brothers will have this sentiment spread throughout every state capitol (via their evil little ALEC project) so fast it will make our heads spin.

Sorry, next time I will try to bring the funny.

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Witch hunt for the person who told them to tone it down in 3...2...

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". . . get out of the business of helping people . . ."

The business of helping people? Maybe the Catholic church should quit giving kids the business, in the butt. Seriously though, if they want to "get out of the business of helping people" they should turn in their tax-free status card STAT.

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I was just happy that these Koch brothers were really old and would hopefully die soon, but cancer? BONUS!

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If Will is trying to get rid of Huckabee, using words is not the way to do it. Will needs to trick the Shuckster into thinking his foot is a turkey leg so he will eat himself.

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If Beck loses his Teevee spot, he can still go "direct" with his fans. He may be a clown, but he is very good at taking money from rubes his fans. Maybe then, the rest of us will only hear about him when he has a new Pay-Per-View special or when he's put his name on another ghostwritten book.

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Republicans can only worry about jobs when someone is talking about taxing or regulating their corporate masters. Because, you know, spewing less pollution is a job killer!

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You spunk it, you buy it!

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I am eating cheese crackers right now, for solidarity.

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If you're "lucky" enough to hit that, they will make you pay and pay and pay...