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Are those polka-dots or spangles? and colors?? wow. I thought burkas just came in your basic black, one-size-fits-all. I suppose that when you're locked inside your house you can wear whatever you want to, isn't that special. A fashion statement from hell, Lucifer has appointed some new PR people to the board!

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"He is asking the European Court of Human Rights to overturn a decision by the Law Lords to allow him to be returned to Jordan."
Now why wouldn't he want to be returned to Jordan - I don't understand that one. Wouldn't they welcome him with open arms, as a champion jihadist? I must be missing something here.....

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" Qahaar, who changed her name from Beverly Giesbrecht after converting to Islam in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks" Well, Beverly, if you thought 9/11 was amusing, hopefully, you will still be laughing when the barbarians separate your head from your shoulders--big smile for the cameras, old gal!!
But seriously, what kind of rewards in Paradise are promised to a female martyr...anyone know?

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I listened to the talk show was simply delicious!! The hosts did not say one word that wasn't true, no wonder the muslims had to resort to calling in CAIR! Listen to it, if you haven't already. I applaud the fact that the show was even aired!

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I'm sure there were "trade-offs" for the Danish PM to be names secretary-general....after all, NATO is fueled by politics, just like everything else, but all in all, I view this as a very positive happening, a step in the right direction..gotta start some where!!.

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Let Chowderhead rant and rave all he wants to....the more he does so, the more ignorant he looks, and thus, by association, makes Islam look. He serves a wonderful purpose, let's hear more from him!

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what a shame they have to start brain-washing their children at such a tender age....they don't have a clue what they are saying now, but will hear those words ringing in their heads for the rest of their lives. Its no wonder there is simply no reasoning with Islamists, not after having words like this pounded in your head all your life. What a waste.

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Well, when you are stuck in a 7th century belief system that says the crap that fell out of Mo's mouth is good for all time, and no discussion allowed even tho it is 2009, how can you possibly argue with that? How dare any intelligent sane person cast aspersions on Islam. For shame!!

Evil is alive and well, and its name is Islam.

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Lucifer is alive and well -- his name is Islam.

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Once the UN building in NYC is closed and vacant, wonder how many displaced people would fit in there? Would it hold 5000? just a thought.