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" It is high time to bring these terrorists to justice and to shield countries from these terrorist activities and to restore order in the world"

Its going to take WW3 to do that, just as it took WW2 to stop Hitler and his nazis

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"You accept all those of His teachings which you can shoehorn into your perverse world view, but reject those of His teachings which you don't like"

Seems more to me that you are actually describing yourself here you pseudo "intellectual" fruitcake.

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Like it makes any difference ????

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"when will US stop the killings".?

When the US gets killed.

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"China has immense problems, including a slowing economy, pollution and corruption"

And america hasnt ?, all these problems the author mentioned are significantly worse in america than in China.

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"It is hard to see any American interest at all in Iran, and yet four presidents have now expended an immense amount of political capital on the country"

Iranian oil and gas fields which the psychopaths wish to steal.

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"Greenwald is supposed to be one of the most independent and intelligent of American journalists. It was his campaigning style of....."

Intelligent and American dont go together in the same sentence, I have always had my suspicions about Greenwald, something definitely not kosher with the guy.

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Good comment, but their judgement day is here and their Karma is knocking on their door, everything they have ever done to all these countries and people you mentioned will be done to them in turn. Look at all their respective governments now, completely confused and in utter disarray, brexit, the coronavirus, the stark polarisation of society in the US, the ongoing flood of refugees which they were primarily responsible for creating, the slow collapse of the western economy, these are all intractable and insoluble problems pointing to the destruction of the anglo zionist empire.
Have a little patience and watch this space, things are just begining to get interesting.

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Very well said Vot tak, couldnt have put it better myself and consider yourself upvoted although Tom appears to have removed that facility from the comments. The faker strikes again with more of his BS.

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"Never let the children cry, cause you got to tell Jah Jah why"

Bob Marley

The US's and its allies hands are steeped in the blood of many nations but its all over now, its all coming home to them and their Karma is now knocking on their door and this is just the begining of the collapse of the anglo zionist empire the world is now witnessing. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are on the loose bringing the west's judgement with them, covid-19, economic collapse, refugee crisis, internal and external divisions, brexit, imperial hubris, are all combining to deliver to the west the greatest judgement that will ever befall any nation and peoples on this planet and war will be the icing on the cake as that too is on their horizon. Everything they have ever done to the peoples of the global south will be done to them in turn. Watch this space, the fun is only just begining.