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"It is hard to see any American interest at all in Iran, and yet four presidents have now expended an immense amount of political capital on the country"

Iranian oil and gas fields which the psychopaths wish to steal.

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"Greenwald is supposed to be one of the most independent and intelligent of American journalists. It was his campaigning style of....."

Intelligent and American dont go together in the same sentence, I have always had my suspicions about Greenwald, something definitely not kosher with the guy.

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Good comment, but their judgement day is here and their Karma is knocking on their door, everything they have ever done to all these countries and people you mentioned will be done to them in turn. Look at all their respective governments now, completely confused and in utter disarray, brexit, the coronavirus, the stark polarisation of society in the US, the ongoing flood of refugees which they were primarily responsible for creating, the slow collapse of the western economy, these are all intractable and insoluble problems pointing to the destruction of the anglo zionist empire.
Have a little patience and watch this space, things are just begining to get interesting.

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Very well said Vot tak, couldnt have put it better myself and consider yourself upvoted although Tom appears to have removed that facility from the comments. The faker strikes again with more of his BS.

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"Never let the children cry, cause you got to tell Jah Jah why"

Bob Marley

The US's and its allies hands are steeped in the blood of many nations but its all over now, its all coming home to them and their Karma is now knocking on their door and this is just the begining of the collapse of the anglo zionist empire the world is now witnessing. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are on the loose bringing the west's judgement with them, covid-19, economic collapse, refugee crisis, internal and external divisions, brexit, imperial hubris, are all combining to deliver to the west the greatest judgement that will ever befall any nation and peoples on this planet and war will be the icing on the cake as that too is on their horizon. Everything they have ever done to the peoples of the global south will be done to them in turn. Watch this space, the fun is only just begining.

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So speaks another brain dead ball of putrid slime that confuses hate speech with so called "free speech" and I am betting my last penny you are another moronic yank as the country is abdolutely choc full of you w*nkers.

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What a pathetic lying toad, every man and his dog knows that al-qaeda and ISIS are US tools used to destabilise and destroy countries they dont like, only a year or so back al-qaeda carried out an attack in Tehran were several members of the Iranian armed forces were killed and we are supposed to believe this thug that Iran is in bed with al-qaeda?
Like somebody wrote above terrorism is a tool of US hegemony and terrorism will never be defeated until the fight is taken directly to the US as they are the head of the terrorist hydra that needs decapitating for the beast to die. These scum set up training camps in Jordan and occupied areas of Syria to churn out their ISIS and al-qaeda cannon fodder to go do their dirty work for them as they are too risk averse and cowardly to do it themselves, the incidence of ISIS attacks is once again on the rise in Syria while the yankee scum sit back at little cost to themselves and gloat. International terrorism in this world will never end until america is militarily defeated.

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This is a bullsh*t article, I do not condone in any way, shape or form any form of racism or racist speech as "free speech" and parler was a well known platform for right wing extremists to vent their corrosive diatribe against those they consider less than themselves including members of Greenwalds own ethnicity, against blacks and against gays of which Greenwald is also one. A lot of the content posted on parler was highly offensive to ethnic minorities and should never be condoned or accepted in the interest of so called "free speech" as racism today together with climate change are the twin existential dangers facing humanity. Greenwald should be ashamed of himself writing this piece.

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Every country gets the government it deserves, this is the government moronic yanks deserve, a criminal enterprise masquerading as a country and bleeding them dry. Enjoy.

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It is very highly probable that the world will be at war in the coming year, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are on the loose.