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Here's to wishing the guard a quick and full recovery.
And what we have here is another violent and aggressive driver emboldened by driving not an SUV, but an SAV (Suburban Assault Vehicle).
There is no chance of it actually happening, but this person needs to be charged with assault with a lethal weapon. The only reason it won't happen is that the powers-that-be refuse to recognize the carnage caused by people driving like this. How scary would it be if every other person on the street was carrying an assault weapon? That is exactly what we have on our streets today. Look around and notice the assault vehicles. (They are defined more by the driver than the vehicle, by the way.) The SUVs/SAVs are just higher caliber weapons.
Suddenly you recognize the price of car culture in human lives. A hundred people die in a car bombing in the Middle East? It is heart-breaking news. A hundred people die in car accidents in the US and it is a good day because it is less than average.

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I don't yet know if I support this cause or not. No information has been provided. That said, I have to respect these people for a) being involved and informed enough to have opinions on how to improve the state, and b) using their freedom of spech and civil disobedience to try to bring about a desired change.
Lest you forgot, freedom of speech insures your freedom to say things that I disagree with. So while I disagree with all of the calls for violence made on here, you are free to make them (though enciting violence is pushing up against the limits of the First Amendment).
It is only too bad that the fourth estate cannot be counted on to expand the public's understanding of the real issues here. Some guy climbed a flag pole? WHY? That would be news. That would encourage a thoughtful exchange of issues and promote an informed electorate. Oh wait, never mind. This is the interwebs. We just want to gripe about everyone to prove how awesome we are.
Never mind.

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I live in this 'hood and I see driving like this every day. Especially at that time of day, all the vehicles with Washington plates (describing at least two of the three involved here) are all in an awful hurry to get home. I am so sorry this ended the way it did. I am even more sorry that it is not the end of the story. It is just another chapter in an ongoing tragedy.
Folks, while you are racing through Portland trying to get back to Camas, or Vancouver, or where ever you came from, some us are already home. You are driving through our neighborhood. Be respectful. The speed limits are there for a reason. It is time people stopped (or at least slowed down) to think about who they are endangering with their reckless, careless, and agressive driving.
The worst part of living in inner NE Portland? The drivers from out of state who drive like they took a wrong turn off their NASCAR track. And yeah, I am a little sensitive. One of them ran me over.

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Of course a brewer has "wild" yeast in his beard that is suitable for brewing beer. It is probably the same stuff they already use. I am sure that a DNA analysis of the yeast in question would reveal that it is identical to one or more of the strains already in use. True wild yeasts are common and commonly used, and have been for thousands of years.

The fact that the media and Rogue can exploit the public's ignorance of biology and ecology to create and "culture" this story is the only thing amazing here.

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Fweep, if you knew anything about me or my kids you would not be spouting such ignorant statements. It really does take a village, and I am just very grateful that my kids did not grow up in a village with all the haters on here. They learned that all people deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, that you reap what you sow, and that every bit of life is of divine origin. How could I tell them that everyone deserves to be treated with loving kindness and then beat them? At least my kids were smart enough to see the hypocracy that sort of behavior exposes. If the parents (or self-appointed surrogates) here cannot see through that fallacy then they are not as smart as the kids I raised.

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Did I say give them a time out? No I did not. The violent haters on here are WORSE than these kids. They are old enough to know better (?) and still behave badly.

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You are a bully.

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No. I believe I am a wussie parent who taught my children BY EXAMPLE the consequences of peace, love, and understanding.
Obviously your example is/was different. If you want to hit me I bet your kids aren't too different.
Think about it if you can.

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Yeah, then you are modeling an even better solution. Somebody does something you do not approve of you just hit them. That is sooo much better.
(Even your screen name points to the self-centered attitude you espouse.)

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It doesn't take much imagination to see the link between these kids' hateful, violent, self-centered actions and the comments here. If you bully a bully are you better than the bully?
How about we all MODEL love, respect, acceptance, tolerance, cooperation, community, ...
Let's break the cycle, not fan the flames!