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I am SO excited to try this recipe!! I LOVE rugelach, but haven't found a good recipe. Probably because I wasn't checking old synagogue cookbooks.

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I say butter this way too and it is the way I usually hear it said. I'm in California. Maybe sometimes the Ts sound a little like Ds, but always with an R at the end.

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I would 100% buy a print of the "just playing the field" one, despite my relationship status. She has tea! It's great!

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Wait. It's NOT "She's got better days than I"?? WHAT.

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UGH, that sucks! My only knowledge of them is a very nice intern we had, so I had higher hopes.

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May I make a suggestion? Check the local paper's coverage and, let's say there is little to none, email the editor about it directly instead of the general letters to the editor email. At least where I work, the editor's respond to at least some of their emails from readers and getting them to see a topic as important is vital to coverage. This may not apply to your local paper, so ymmv, I trust your judgement.

Depending, I would also send something to the KU student paper. They have a journalism program, they should be covering this.

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I thought of this as well. Does the boyfriend still have the receipt? Maybe check the store's website or do a little googling to check the price of the bowls.

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I agree with your last sentence, but I am kind of uncomfortable being the only one eating, even if there is no judgement. I think suggesting a restaurant implies you, the asker, will be eating and as the friend would be a little annoyed when that turns out not to be true. If you suggested meeting somewhere that only serves drinks, I would just eat beforehand or make some other arrangement. Why not just ask your friend what they would prefer instead of assuming?

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GREAT because I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. finishing it. SO MANY TEARS. I love how he ended it (I was hoping things would end differently for Werner, but everything made sense for the characters). I love love Marie-Laure's post-WWII life path. And I want one of her dad's puzzle boxes. I didn't think it would grab me as much as it did! The writing, pacing and characters were all wonderful. What are your thoughts??

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I am also currently reading All The Light We Cannot See and I wish I could read it at my desk right now. It's great! Can we talk about it???