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I don't know if we are going to see a total redemtion. I think she is just going to have a "THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED AT ALL SOMEONE MAKE THIS STOOOP!" Kind of moment. Things are NOT going to go the way she expected and she probably will ask for it to stop. Since she was the one that initiated this, maybe only she is going to be able to make it stop. Personally I am thinking they are not really time traveling but somehow they are in a holodeck situation where the map is projecting an alternate reality. Since she initiated this experience, maybe she is the only one that can make it stop. I think she still is going to want what she wants for a while and maybe give Twilight some difficulty until they can convince her otherwise. She has to have been hurt at some point and it will probably be revealed why, but she may not be willing to listen to reason if she has some deep issues. It would actually be more realistic that way.

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Twilight said something like Skittlybauchyboo or something. How do you even spell that? I am sure she heard a word like this from Pinkie.

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I didn't really like this episode because like Twilight, we had to be there. The inside jokes are just not funny.
I know Discord says he is reformed but he really enjoys trolling and maybe that is just the best we can hope for.

All the talk of time travel, Twilight not being there to observe, etc. That is the part that may have been overheard by Starlight so this is where she even got the idea of Time Travel.

If this episode is any hint, then the Time Travel is not real but just a recreation. Twilight says real time travel is tricky, so maybe this Time Travel with the map is just really a recreation?

Anyway, I think I need to rewatch this and imagine being Starlight only overhearing bits of stuff. I thinks he overhears how things are differnt when Twilight is not there and stuff about Time Travel, then that is how she gets her idea.

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At first I was thinking that Starlight really just wanted to steal other ponies Cutie Mark away. I thought she just wanted power and really cared nothing about equality. Then she would be the most powerful pony because no one would be left to compete with her. So I thought that she was very proud and selfish really.

But what if she legitimately wants to make the world an equal place? I still wonder about her motives. If she legitimately wants to make Equestria equal, then why would she then think she has to keep her own cutie mark to make that happen?

If there is some reason why she really wants to make equestria equal for every pony and she wasn't doing that out of pride or search for power, then she is misguided.

But sometimes you just need a villain that is just a villain. You can't reform everyone and it would be unrealistic to assume that everyone would be.

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My theory is that Twilight finds out that Starlight Glimmer is the granddaugher or related to, Starswirl the Bearded. Starlight Glimmer has some hidden past that has to do with why Starswirl didn't understand friendship and passed this on to his children and grandchildren.

Also, in the Prophecy of the Two Sisters, it was said that A Sparkle would point the way to the hidden Elements of Harmony. It also says that the Stars would help Nightmare Moon Return. Perhaps Starlight Glimmer goes back in time, she is responsible for helping Nightmare Moon return. A Sparkle was a pony, so maybe the Stars helping Nightmare Moon return would be Starlight Glimmer?

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I would also really like to see Marble team up with Fluttershy. Fluttershy is starting to assert herself. When she doesn't like something or is scared of something, she is at least assertive about telling others. We see more of this in Scare Master, if you have seen it already. I think she would be a good friend for Marble and could help her. I imagine that Marble doesn't talk so much because she had some very outspoken sisters in Limestone and Pinkie. It isn't because she has nothing to say, maybe to get along she became quiet.

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I have it in my mind that Pinkie's Family is going to be very important later on. Maybe they are royals and don't know it? Could they be related to King Sombra? Is there some hidden powerful crystal or rock artifact buried around there? Are they guarding something? I also don't really see how Pinkie is related to them at all. She loves them and calls them her family, but she is really nothing like any of them. They can still be her family if they have adopted her. It would be interesting to see what would have became of Pinkie if it were not for seeing Rainbow Dash's rainboom. Maybe she would have a rock related cutie mark after all? She loves her family, but I don't see her being very happy at the rock farm. She is happy to visit, but I don't think she would enjoy living there or she would still be there.

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Does anyone know what Princess Skyla's cutie mark would be? Do Alicorns generally get their cutie mark early? It might be interesting if she doesn't though. It might be kind of hard to make a guess with a name like Skyla. I think it will be interesting having a powerful baby Alicorn running around shooting off magic she doesn't understand yet. I kind of hope her special magic is not friendship or love related but something interesting we don't expect.

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Yeah, Luna isn't going to convert her speech overnight. It would be really weird if if she did anyway. It is part of her charm to be a bit old fashioned I think. I'd like her to bring back some of her old traditions or recipes. Something no one has ever heard of but will instantly love it once they catch on.

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I like Button Mash paired with Sweetie Bell too. They could teach him that his cutie mark means he is meant for more than just playing video games. Side effects of his Cutie Mark might mean he pushes your buttons in an annoying way. But if he does it right, he is pushing all the right buttons. He could be really good at decoding cryptic messages and that would make him work really well in intelligence. Secret Agent Button Mash. I could see that. Someone can do a comic about that.