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Everyone is tired of Bibi, even his supporters.

But the polls don't matter. Labor isn't going to cobble together the two Haredi parties with Meretz and the anti-Orthodox Yesh Atid.

What matters in Israeli elections are not individual parties as much as coalitions.
Bibi is like Romney in the 2012 GOP primaries. Nobody is really enthused with him, but there's nobody else on the horizon that's ready either (and has the popular support).

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The fact that even most of the Forward's Jewish readers think Tuvia is a fool should tell you something.

The guy is obsessed with Germany and Europe. He has a psychological complex.

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First he says:

“One of the first girls I went out with was a Jewish girl,” Fellowes said. “It was sort of my first experience of not being desirable. She belonged to one of the great Jewish families. I won’t name them. They certainly didn’t want a Catholic in the family. People always think the prejudice is one-way, but it can be two ways. I wanted to use that in the show.”

Then we get to know:

"Spoiler Alert: This season, Lady Rose (Lily James), a distant cousin of Lord Grantham, meets and marries Ephraim Atticus Aldridge (Matt Barber), the son of a leader of the British Jewish community. Her parents don’t approve."

So let me get this right: he says he wants to get the fact that racism can work in all ways into the show, he then proceeds in doing the exact opposite.


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I'm not. This kind of patronizing racism is why a lot of children in mixed marriages feel alienated and refuse to call themselves Jews. Just read this paragraph one more time:

His mother, who was from Bermuda with English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Belgian, and Dutch ancestry, was not Jewish. Nor is his current wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones — so officially his children are not Jewish, either.

How do you think his children would react if they read that? Do you think the first thing that they would have done is to try to convert via Orthodox rabbinical way? Or, much more likely, conclude that there's a shitton of racism inside the Jewish community and who would want to be a part of that, anyway?

What's even more hilarious is that Eisner then goes on to chasitise him for not doing more to adress these issues. Well, Jane, geez, could it have ANYTHING to do with the fact that there are people like you in the community, who question his very identity from the outset, mocking him, and insulting his children?

No, that's can't be it! It can't!

This is why assimiliation happens.

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Adelson and Saban should both be deported to Israel and be forced to stay there. They are fifth columns.

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J.J, I share your concern for these refugees! As a prominent American Zionist, I urge you to use your media influence and push for more refugees into Israel! After all, Israel is a liberal democracy, right?


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The obsession of "liberal" Zionists like Goldberg to scream about Syria(as if he gave two shits), is like the Serbs screaming about Rwanda in 1994. Of course you can always find a conflict that is worse, but guys, we see through your tactics of desperation every day of the week.

Finally, we pay for the monstrosities that Israel committs, Jew or non-Jew. We don't pay for the stuff in Syria.
America has been there with Israel every step of the way in its colonization of the Palestinians. We have a special resposibility to end it, too.

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I take your point, Meg(even if you almost bash it into our heads), but look at it another way:

There's a Jewish angle here, too. You could compare the memory of 9/11 to how we should remember the Shoah. Eternal rage is not going to work. How should we honor the victims of 9/11 or the Shoah? By solemnity in perpetuity or by engaging with life in all its colors? If you choose the latter, like I do, then it necessitates that we have to look at those colors we may not even like, such as the ones you described, but that is in its own ironic way, a sign of progress. A return to normalcy, including the parts we don't like.

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it is small comfort, but isn't it better to understand what drives someone to violence than to not understand?

Aly hasn't proven anything. It's psychobabble geared towards Jewish audiences. Just like most Jews grew up hearing lies about Israel as a "land without a people for a people without a land".
Or that Americans got told that their country was the freest ever, in the same way as Athens was for the first democracy - as long as you were not a slave, a woman, a gay person or an ethnic minority.

The Nazi war crimes were a culmination of an ideology of racial supremacy. It was driven by the historical fact that Europeans ruled much of the world, and Jews were easy scapegoats(as always).

This article tells more about the need to explain away Jewish weakness than anything else, still, after all these years, difficult to accept for people like Forbes. It's the same reason Zionism is worshipped: the muscular "New Jew", as oppossed to the broken, passive ghetto Jew of the shtetl.

It's more a window and a reflection into the sociology of Jews than Germans.

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You conveniently glossed over the Holocaust of native Americans.

True-blooded Yankee patriots showed a far greater resiliency and determination to all but wipe out the minorities in their path.

It's not something taught in American high schools, but Adolf Hitler repeatedly and frequently cited America as an example to be followed in how it wiped out the native population.

As for Aly's ramblings, his views are more intended to confirm the bigotry and prejudices of Jewish audiences. Aly is a bit of a lunatic. He claimed all black soldiers in the WWII were rapists and that Gandhi was a great friend of Hitler.

The fact that such a quasi-racist and a loon is used as a source of authority is more a sign of the need for someone not Jewish to confirm Jewish prejudices about Germans than anything else. Just like anti-Semites use people like Norman Finkelstein as a shield to talk about Jews which they couldn't otherwise. Forbes is the mirror opposite of this.

As I explain further down in the comment section, this article is more about Jewish sociology than German sociology. There is still a need to explain away Jewish weakness during this period, an inability to understand how Jews - who everyone regards as smart - could be so foolish in such large numbers and walk blindly into the storm without seeing what happened.

And it is indeed a mystery, not just to Jews. We may never know.