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Bye bye pupie you are going to jail.

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Notice that there is no mention of the $10 million plus the City of Hoboken owes Suez for unbolted captial repairs in excess of the yearly $300k cap under the old contract.Did the Dawn of Debt just magically disappear? Of corse not. It will likely be amortized over a period of years and spread out to lessen the blow to rate payers/taxpayers.

Clearly this deal is better than the pile of crap deal Dawn of The Debt and the Sneaky Shadow tried to dump on the city council in the lame duck period after Dawn announced she was quitting. Still, this deal better include Suez itemizing and documenting each and every capital repair in excess they feel Hoboken owes them down to the man hours and length of pipe used so that we know the numbers they are providing are just not manufactured. It’s called due diligence and the Administration and the Business Administrator better be prepared to account for that.

Overall this is a much better deal than what Dawn of The Debt failed to properly negotiate. Simply by including other potential bidders brought Suez to account at the negotiating table. This is a win for The Administration, The City Council for voting no on Dawn of the Shadow’s crappy deal and a win for Hoboken Residents and infrastructure long term.

This is me giving credit to a Mayor I did vote for but so far is fulfilling his promise on being committed to infrastructure. Now about that second job,......

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It is hard to assess how much the Shadow has influence if any on the current administration at this point given that a person who has made derogatory public statements against Jews actually was being seriously considered for an appointment to the Rent Control Board. Fortunately that nomination was pulled. Bromar aka Ravi’s brother has been rumored to joke about his new Shadow status and it has been documented that he did have social media access to the Mayor’s accounts. Perhaps Bromar is less than a Shadow and more of a Bhalla Whisperer. But I digress.

As for the real former transgendered blogging Shadow, only the Shadow Knows! Only the Shadow knows!

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Patricia Waiters has a history of anti-Semitic comments made in public that are well documented. Is Ravi Bhalla endorsing bigotry by putting this nomination forward? I thought Ravi was supposed to stand up to Trump and bigotry. Looks like Ravi is a LINO after all - liberal in name only.

Our former Mayor Dawn Zimmer practiced the Jewish faith and for Ravi to turn his back on her like this is another example of how Dawn’s endorsement of Ravi as “the only one she trusts” just continues to erode her legacy. Hey Dawn is Ravi the only one you trust to endorse anti-Semticism? You and the Shadow should be so proud. How’s that winning?

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Requesting a developer to give money to a non charity as part of a giveback was problematic from the onset. It is a shame that the politrickery of the Bhalla Administration trying to put BOE politics ahead of commerce has delayed or potentially ruined this hotel deal. I support the addition of second hotel and unlike the greedy Barry family think it is in Hoboken’s best commercial interest to have more hotels.

For a mayor who is also a double dealing lawyer this reeks of bad judgment or even worse incompetence. A good lawyer should have seen the risks in the way this deal was constructed.

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As one of three representatives from Hoboken on the NHSA I support the installation of underwater tanks to store and discharge water after high intensity storms disperse. The back side of town is prone to flooding and the amount of storms per year over an inch an hour has increased in the last 3-4 decades.Yes it costs money but the requirements for the Authority’s Long Term Control Plan require less discharges into the Hudson during storm events. Until the NJ DEP changes its requirements storage is a needed solution. Even then it won’t be a silver bullet but it sure will help.

As for parking, dynamic parking can add benefits to businesses but perhaps the range can be reduced. Allowing residents to park in the more commercial spots on Washington Street for free indefinitely is harmful to businesses. The good news I guess in this is that Ravi heard the people (even if they were somewhat wrong) and adjusted the policy accordingly. Instead of “Ram it Through” Ravi we got reconciliation Ravi. Whether it was done for political reasons or policy it does not matter.

As far as the budget you cant expect it to stay flat forever however Ravi’s additional staff increases and large raises for loyalists are certainly adding upward pressure. Without the additional parking revenue if everything stays the same taxes will go up 3-4% unless hard cuts are made. Does that mean Jason Freeman has to look over his shoulder? The cuts have got to come from somewhere.

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Nancy Pincus also attempted to defame me as well by stating false accusations that I violated ELEC regulations in my 2011 run for Freeholder. Absolutely false. She is a reckless piece of crap and of low character. She dishes out venom on her blog and is all over Facebook spreading her BS. She is being used by Ravi and his Chief of Staff and she has been paid at least once by Bhalla. She is part of the John Allen scorched earth initiative to go after anyone who does not kiss the ring of Ravi. It’s actually very telling of the Mayor’s lack of decency that he allows this to continue and with such vile tactics.

Nancy Pincushion is nothing more than unhinged and unethical propaganda spewing Ravibot.

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There is so much wrong with your post I don’t even know where to begin. I know Tiffanie well enough to know she is not racist. The position vacated by Brandy Forbes is a very important position and anyone seeking that position should have their qualifications examined by any city council member before they vote to approve. It has nothing to do with anyone’s race.

It is my opinion that since I know Tiffanie not to be racist, that a false statement trying to convince people she is racist is in fact defamatory. It’s pretty simple. I am expressing an opinion here.

You have no proof of anything other than spurious accusations of no merit. You will disappear into the internet ethos soon enough when your techniques are rendered to not be changing the narrative that Team Ravi appears to be behind a smear campaign of several real reform council members.

Please check back at John Allen Smear HQ to get your next set of talking points. Have a nice night.

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John Allen is personable in person. However if he is using citizens as proxies to read defamatory statements to the public and getting them to file bogus ethics complaints then that is new low in Hoboken politics and it is happening on Ravi’s watch.

To Ravi’s loyalest supporters- Reality Check- Ravi is neither good government or reform. He is a transactionalist who played pretend reform to get an endorsement from a reformer to get into the next step of power. This purported behavior by his chief of staff is not indicative of good government practice.

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John Allen can respond at anytime. It’s up to him. Unlike Ravi at least he shows up at the office early everyday. Where in the hell is Ravi? Unlike the blogger at Sybill’s cave who was paid by the Bhalla campaign Roman does not get paid unlike that phony Nancy Pincus.

Roman interviewed a number of people for this story and apparently the Bhalla Administration has more leaks than a 85 year old guy with a prostate problem.

Attacking the messenger is not effective in refuting the fact that an employeee in the employ of The City of Hoboken is apparently using company time to falsely defame a fellow city council member,. He has exposed the City of Hoboken to a serious legal risk with his nefsrious activity. Do you support such reckless lying and vitriol? If I was Mayor John Allen would be fired unless of course I was in on it.

Yet you continue to attack the blog writer. What evidence do you have to refute the story. Did the skinhead reader not go to John Allen’s apartment right after the meeting? If not where was he? Are you friends with the skinhead? Nothing is more ironic than John Allen putting up a skinhead to falsely accuse someone of being racist. Priceless comedy if it was not so disgusting.