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Congrats to everyone! So happy to see so many people in the industry striving to make a difference!

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Totally agree - that is why we in the industry have to become problem solvers - find ways to make getting the family out on the hill easier...once they get out there everyone's happy and if getting out there is remembered as easy/enjoyable rather than a big hassle then that family will be more likely to make the time to get out there. It is the classic cost/benefit that we all deal with only the cost is not dollars and cents it is time and hassle vs the benefit of the fun of being on the slopes ;)

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I love attending this event - being in my old stomping grounds makes it even better!

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What a great idea! Willi's has some awesome employees who deserve a trip to Jackson :)

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That's what I love about Telluride - the amazing, every-day moments...not only is it worth it - it is the Soul-Feeding reason you live there :))

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I'm with you! Sometimes you have to remind yourself what life is really about :)

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Sounds like an amazing life Mick! Good luck!

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It really was a great evening - you really seemed to capture all that is Alla Famiglia in this post!

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It is amazing to see this stuff in action - living green isn't as hard as some want to make it seem...it is a choice - The Big Green Bus helps us to see that!

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I LOVE the whole Fashion Friday thing! I'm a big hat lover so this post was right up my alley!