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Are all witches introverts? Are all introverts witches? Points to ponder...

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Un-PC gladiatoral coach: "Man up, son. Don't be such a Cicero."

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Have you read Colleen McCullough's First Man in Rome series? I'm almost through it, and man—Cato the Younger is SUCH a tool. I hate Servilia, but I kind of liked it when she scratched the hell out of his face.

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Ah, okay. I remembered the kind of weird breeding issues with him being a "Third" and all...

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*quietly sobbing*

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Stop ruining everything, Mallory. ELEPHANTS ARE NOBLE AND KIND AND GOOD.

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My first thought for #1 was Ender's Game, but I thought I must be wrong because I still don't remember anything in that book about genetic engineering...

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Colleen McCullough's "First Man in Rome" series is a delight. It's male-heavy, as you might guess from the name—but there are many important female characters, too. (Hell, one of the books is entirely devoted to the women who "shaped" Julius Caesar.)

I also recommend Kristin Lavransdatter (Sigrid Undset) and Katherine (Anya Seton).

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I used to live in the southeast U.S., and I swear to God I had reverse SAD. I started getting depressed as soon as the days began lengthening after winter solstice, because I knew that hot, humid weather was coming again. And I basically hid out indoors for the entire duration of Daylight Saving Time.

Then I moved to the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is fairly mild all year long, and I'm actually *kind of* looking forward to summer for the first time in my life. Who knows, maybe someday I'll actually get SAD in the winter like everyone else! A girl can dream...

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Mother, did it need to be so high? *sniff*