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Dear James, You may be my favourite leftie, but you are wrong..
the europe issue has been going on for far too long,
he needs to get it out of the way..and why would the Party
have an issue with giving the electorate something they have been denied
for so long- as long as this referendum happens and it is fair.

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There is always the extra little hidden costs with the EU,
We are attached to a sinking ship, we should get a choice..
and should other countries! we should be told just how much we have
paid into the EU..and what we have got back.

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Good Point.

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Baroness Warsi was certainly incompatible with the Conservative Party..
And it had nothing to do with being a Muslim, it was because she was totally
unsuitable for the job and just ticked the politically correct box.

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Europe is the result of plans, it is in fact a classic itopian project,
a monument to vanity of intellectuals, a programme whose inevitable destiny
is failure..only the scale of the final damage is in no doupt..
Cameron has opened a pandora's box---hope he is awake.

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I just said the very same thing above you ( My rightful place..)
Great minds think alike...
A trading agreement is all that is needed,
Brussels is corrupt, unmanaged, unruly and crumbling beneath a mountain
of dept ( have you been using my words) and wishes to become a superstate,
What can Cameron Claw back..
' The more corrupt a state the more numerous its laws'
From my third favourite after Cicero.

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And me - i think:-)

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Prehaps hiding behing green energy policies, Foreign aid increases, expensive AV vote, and gay marriage they should have been far more Conservative in their
approach..THe Problem with the modernisers is they lack experience,
never take advice ( Only from Lib Dems) and think they are always right.
The Economy has been flat since 2008- the growth under labour was not real,
The Eurozone is in recession and even Germany's economy is shrinking,
Labour left that note saying their is no money left we spent it all,
So prehaps the little we did have should have been spent more wisely.

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David's Article mention's what we need to renegotiate to stay in the EU-
Should it not be the other way around - Can we not have a trading relationship only.
We need to remember Brussels, The EU does not represent it's People
Barroso/Nero fiddles whist Rome burns!
Brussels is corrupt, greedy, arrogant and mismanaged, they create the laws
that we must obey, their economy is crumbling beneath their feet,
unemployment is at a record high, and they head towards a superstate
with Germany as it's master.
In Other words they need to make it worth our while staying IN..