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I think the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham beat CK to the punch. A few years back he bypassed Comedy Central to release his own dvd for purchase by his fans. It is not the same as a downloaded format but it did bypass the comedy palace guards.

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I have never watched Glee and do not plan to do so in this lifetime. Nor will I let my daughers watch it.

However, I do enjoy reading Mrs. Erikson's recap. At least then, I am not so out of touch.

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Now where exactly is that part about the poor inheriting heaven?

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Some surprising twists in the simplistic narrative. I am not sure they were intended.

1. Testing on animals actually benefit the animals.

2. Liberal scientist concerned about humanity actually destroys humanity in his attempt to save it.

Glaring hole in the plot: How do the apes plan to survive in the Redwood forest? Redwoods do not produce fruit so how are all of those apes planning to live? If Franco had not destoryed mankind, the sequeal would involve a starving ape population slowly killed off by hunters in the forest.

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Conservatives should not condemn CK. Instead we should see this as an opportunity and ask some questions.

For example: Why CK do you say vile things about conservative women? What was your relationship to your mother like? Would you be okay with someone making the same vile comments about your mother because it is comedy? What does it mean to be a man to you? Why do you feel the need to demean women? Does that make you feel more like a man? Why are you a coward? Was your father an absentee father because he certainly did not raise you as a man?

This could be a starting point to understand why liberal men - who are actually less than manly - feel a need to be prissy. Here is to dialogue.

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Does Mr. Breitbart still support the boycott of CPAC he called for when CPAC refused to invite GOProud to be a sponsor for the next conference?

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If she wants a war on the rich, let us start with the non-productive wealth on the west coast.

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Looks like Barr done at most of the cake.

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Wow, MacFarlane is such a coward! He loves to mock Christians and those on the right. But, he is still afraid to take on Jon Stewart. The brave face of liberalism that will not even mention the hypocrisy and arrogance of those on his own side.

By the way Seth, Stewart is a horrible debater who only seems to win by gaming the debates on his show.

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Loved the opening sequence to the Rough Riders. I sometimes show it to my university class to set the move for the lecture on the Spanish American War.