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Obviously, every serious movie fan needs to start buy renting This Film is Not Yet Rated.

The main problem is the double standard: It's not the number of sex references, it's the number of sex acts; it's not the number of dead bodies, it's the amount of blood. And the fact the F-word is the only profanity that gets a limit on usage (well, the C-word too, but that's not going to be allowed in a PG-13). The big game-changer was Titanic. How a movie with nearly full female nudity, at least two F-words and hundreds of people dying can get a PG-13, yet a movie like Before Sunset has maybe three or four uses of the F-word tops and only mentions sex once gets an R. And yet that same rating applies to a movie like Hostel II, which featured plenty of grisly violence, including castration. The MPAA needs a complete overhaul.

But hopefully R-rated comedies like The Hangover will prove that ratings are utterly meaningless, and watering down for the sake of the all-inclusive PG-13 won't be commonplace anymore.

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If this wasn't directed by Scorsese, I wouldn't be impressed. Also, I don't know if this is a spoiler (never read the book), but doesn't this trailer make it look like Ruffalo disappears/gets killed?

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Interesting theory. I remember Premiere magazine (RIP) once had a whole article on this a few years ago and determined that Ben Affleck is the new Bruce Willis and Matt Damon is the new Robert Redford.

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I think kids today are dumber than ever. These awards prove it.

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Saw it this weekend for the second time (first was a public advance screening). Still cried during the opening montage and the final look through the Adventure Book. It's further proof (along with last year's WALL-E) that Pixar is no longer content with making great animated movies, but wants to make great cinema, period. This will be the first Pixar movie to get a Best Picture nod, I'm sure of it.

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The most fun I've had at the movies all year. This film is a perfect example of a director who's in complete control and knows exactly what he's doing. Every laugh, every jump, every wink at the audience, is done for a purpose. I really hope lots of people go see this movie and it holds staying power.

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Good Lord, what have they done now? I don't think anyone at Disney (outside of Pixar obviously) really has any clue what he's doing.

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Of course it's not as good as the first two, but I think it's better than Rise of the Machines. Bale, Worthington, and Yelchin are all pretty great and I definitely liked the special effects, and the bleak-but-hopeful outlook of the film. A solid B from me.

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Definitely the last Indiana Jones movie. At the beginning, as Cate Blanchett leads Indy into that warehouse. It's obviously CGI. But inside they built the set with all the boxes. Why in the hell would you not build the outside of the warehouse too?

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Just looks like two hours of noise, so it IS a sequel to Transformers. Ugh.