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That's... actually pretty smart. Seeing as most ponies hold the gun with their teeth, and that gun is usually just a pistol, most ponies wouldn't be using anything larger than that unless they are on a battle saddle.

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Let's not forget that the "marshmallow hooves" have some freaky magic (more like cartoon magic) that allows for some (not as much, but some) fine manipulation and "grabbing". The mag release really isn't that small, and bolt handle seems to be modified for pony use.

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Haha! I love how it was just snuck in there with no reason for it! I was expecting something along the lines of "Ever since the Apollo mission, we have been fascinated with the moon" and it would show images of media products, including MLP Mare in the Moon. BUT NO, it was just in the center of a graphic design when they were talking about elemental resources present on the moon! Priceless!

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WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN DURING FINALS WEEK?!?!?! I can never participate because I'm too busy with schoolwork...

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I'm sorry, but I bow to no queen of such a vile dish! My fealty and sword lies with Lady Chimmycherrychanga!

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Same. I wasn't necessarily making fun of the show, but never saw the appeal and thought it was weird before the animation. I didn't immediately check out the show after that either, it took a bit for me to finally be convinced to do so. Though, I think mine was a bit earlier than yours, as I joined right near the end of season 2. But better late than never! That's pretty cool we had almost the same experience!

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Ocarinaplaya's "Doctor Whooves and Assistant" animation. I had just gotten into Dovtor Who, and seeing that video a little over two years ago got me looking into the fandom.

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I was willing to take the survey... until it never ended. There are way too many questions that could have been cut down to so few.

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Well... I guess there's nothing for it. Sorry that it turned out this way.

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SETHISTO: Can we get a saucy tag on #36? Bondage goes far for your saucy tag, let alone for untagged.