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CONCORD -- Now a member of NOIR Mercenary Group?

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I don't see Rolling Thunder keeping those systems (Mainly because Ankou will probably be going to NCDOT).

However, since I live in the region, here is my on the spot analysis, based on my study of whats going on at the moment:

Vale and Geminate will be likely be controlled by NCDOT. More than likely Raiden's current rental agreements, at least for the most part, will remain unchanged. The systems that are currently neutral will be seeded to NCDOT, possibly Evoke. F0rceful Entry may expand space holdings. Rolling Thunder/Giantsbane will have to heel to NCDOT or they might get touched in their naughty bits at night.

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I'm going to stay down in nullsec. At least shit make sense there.

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I don't understand why anyone would pay for this shit when they can find the same advice from other players with the same amount of experience who are more than happy to help them for free.

Anyone who pays for this service is a moron who deserves to have his money taken.

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Hey guys, am I complaining right? :)

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I have a hard time listening to flat chested girls. :/

Already gave up the goods, white knights now not sure what to do.

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I don't really see your point. So people are going to get butthurt over highsec wardec mechanics or target populations? You don't even have to dec them, you can start shooting as soon as their GCF comes up. I don't really see your point here. I'm not going to wardec them at all personally -- I fight them in and around Tribute enough already, I'm simply going to come watch, ninja when I can and scoop some delicious loot with my buds if possible. We're all going to buy some beer before we do, and maybe make a party of it. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

And Jita won't migrate anywhere, stop being so fatalistic. This isn't going to last months, I doubt it will last in an organized way over a week or so. Bears will keep going to jita, keep selling in jita, and life will go on. I don't care bout people crying in the meantime, I live in nullsec. Their tears are just something delicious to soak up on the eve-o forums and elsewhere. I'm looking forward to this little grief soiree.

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I think the effects of this will be traumatic for some carebears, but I also see a lot of other alliances going to jita just to have fun, kill goons, ninja on loot, and do everything else.

The result of this event isn't going to be traumatic for the general populace though, it's going to be hilarious, and I don't see CCP doing a whole hell of a lot because of it. Highsec isn't supposed to be 100% safe, and most carebears are faintly aware of the possibility of suicide ganks, canflips, wardecs, and other forms of tomfoolery in high sec.

I personally hope and feel this will be a HILARIOUS reminder of what EVE is -- a sandbox where anything can happen, including having your feelings hurt in highsec. And I hope CCP remembers that THAT is the game they created, and lets it happen.

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Not to disagree with the author -- but there is so much blood in the north right now a shark full of tampons swimming through couldn't soak it all up. :)

And wouldn't have it any other way, really.

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Still the best title screen/intro music in my opinion. :P