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Another lie from RUseriousBold

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No, either adopt some reasonable regulations or the citizens of Longmont may decide to close that airport. Local pilots should reconsider their blind support for the airport business that is single-handedly
eroding public support for the airport.


What does it take to close an airport?
The demand to close the half-century-old airfield and the suggestion of “repurposing,” or transforming it into a sports complex with soccer, baseball fields and other amenities, has bolstered the hopes of airport critics already upset over noise from planes connected to a local skydiving operation.

The step also has sparked enthusiasm among residents eager to see more recreational opportunities in Cloverdale that might include team sports, as well as potential walking trails, a dog and skate park.
In a 20-year period through 2010, more than two dozen airports closed in California, including the Santa Rosa Air Center, Pearce Field in Lake County, Calistoga Airpark Airport, and Antioch Airport in Contra Costa County.

If the City Council does not move to divest the city’s interest in the airport, he said, the “nuclear option” remains — placing a measure on the ballot to have Cloverdale voters shut down the airport.

He said the measure would be along the lines of one that passed last year in Santa Monica that effectively closed down the airport there so the property could be used for a park and other purposes.

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Thank you for posting that video, so that people can hear for themselves. There is no lie. There is a choice. Either the airport will be managed with reasonable rules and regulations, or it will be closed. That is an option, and there will be growing public support to close the airport if it continues to operate like a lawless free for all.

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Well said Ingrid - I am proud to know you.

Please sign our petition if you support reasonable regulations to reduce airplane noise.

Learn more at CitizensForQuietSkies.org

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Excuse me Peter Gibbons - I think you've got it wrong. But as you've already made very clear, you don't care much about getting the facts straight. What a jerk.

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I don't believe Mr. Ellis was comparing the noise of the Concorde to the Twin Otter. He was comparing the cheating on the noise monitoring of the Concorde to the judge's site visit flights when Mile-Hi flew to Lyons in order to avoid flying near the judge - I thought that was pretty clear.

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Well done Mr. Ellis!

If you support reasonable regulations to reduce airplane noise, please sign our national petition. We are working to include provisions in the 2015 FAA Reauthorization, so we will be gathering signatures reaching out to congress through October 2015.

A related article on Aviation Impact Reform: http://aireform.com/please-sign-this-petition/

Learn more at CitizensForQuietSkies.org
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Mr. Juday misses the mark by a mile on this one. In his opinion, the airplane noise doesn't bother him, so it shouldn't bother anyone else. Instead of reducing airplane noise, we should focus on the motorcycle noise. Mr. Juday would have made some friends and gained support if he had acknowledged the excessive jump plane noise and then made his case for also addressing the loud motorcycles. I give his letter a big thumbs down.

If you support reasonable regulations to reduce airplane noise, please sign our national petition and pass it along to your friends and family.

Petition to urge congress to adopt regulations to reduce airplane noise https://www.change.org/p/members-of-congress-urge...

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Sensible solutions including putting the horn at the crossing instead of on the train.

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Unfortunately, you will be waiting a long time for the Longmont city council to take a leadership position on any noise issue. The train horns throughout the night are a serious problem for nearby residents. The residents will have to be the leaders, and force city council into action. Niwot resident Norm Klapper spoke about train noise at last month's Niwot Community Association meeting. He is interested in organizing and finding sensible solutions, so please contact him and support this worthwhile effort.

Norm Klapper – Silence The Horn

Norm is just getting started with an effort to see what can be done to make the Niwot section of the railroad tracks a “Quiet Zone”. The frequency and decibels of the train horns have both increased in recent years. As he gets organized Norm will post information to his website and he plans to return to the NCA in October with updates.

For details, please visit www.silencethehorn.com (under construction)
or Facebook: www.facebook.com/silencethehorn
or email: silencethehorn@yahoo.com