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So you think the government doing its job and protecting peoples lives, is the same thing as holding up a hollow "green" company that will fold in two years? I don't need visible security at my church but synagogues get attacked and vandalized constantly. The Jewish community has the highest rates, in the country, of "hate crime" assaults against them. And you think that this is "pandering"?

Let me guess, you're voting for Ron Paul.

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I'm not surprised they're happy with the direction of the country, in the same study a large majority also said they wanted "bigger government" and more government programs and benefits. Islam and Islamic Sharia law fit much more closely with socialism as an economic system than they do with capitalism. So really that poll result isn't terribly surprising, especially their favorability to Obama.

The study was quite extensive and very interesting I would suggest people check out the rest of the results.

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I can't believe networks invite CAIR much less Dawud Walid on their show, if anyone has watched his twitter account @DawudWalid they can see he's very fond of throwing out inflammatory accusations and labeling people racists. I remember during the first set of Peter King congressional hearings on "radical Islam", Dawud was tweeting things like (to paraphrase) "they're keeping black and brown people out of the room" "they're only letting in the white reporters!" seriously.

And then months ago when the story first broke, that out in California a man had been arrested on his way to plant explosives at a mosque, the first things we learned was the guy was white and a former military vet. So the first thing Dawud tweeted was, (paraphrasing) "White man caught trying to kill Muslims" then "White military veteran tries to blow up mosque". The worst part was that he sounded so excited about it, like he finally got to say "see you crazy racist Islamophobes, everything I've said is true". And then we came to learn that not only was the guy being treated for mental disorders, but that he had converted to Islam and he was trying to blow up the mosque because it wasn't the right Islamic denomination. You honestly couldn't make that up if you tried. So of course when this was revealed I kept sending Dawud tweets asking him to report the newest complete story to his followers, not only did he never say anything about the incident after that but he also blocked me. lol

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Bah hahaha!

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Rep. Joe Walsh rocks! I don't think he'll have any trouble getting re-elected next time around.

Keep telling it like it is and don't take any liberal BS.

I love that he's brave enough to go on MSNBC and start swinging, most establishment republicans wouldn't dare since they're scared of being criticized by the left. And we can thank the Tea Party for Mr. Walsh. Next up 2012.

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Maybe he just needs a thesaurus. lol

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A Red Eye game-show(ish) thing would be AWESOME!

I know a few people from the #redeye twitter thread who would probably win any fan quiz the guys could come up with. I really hope they do it, this could be a lot of fun.

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You wouldn't look quite so stupid if you could tell the difference between "ebonics" and a southern accent, you racist bigoted moron.

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He really isn't any different from that fat terrorist Yasser Arafat.

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Rad Thad FTW!