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Kah kah kah . . . béhé mmolék beghôk Beng agah ni bro.

Jenih segho panda, maké nngupohh duwo amah ghiôh buak bbodo ké' oghé. Kalu jjupo wojib bui nnapa duo butÄ— . . .

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Interesting insight as usual Bro.

By now every thinking Malaysian would and should have seen the REAL intention of this zealots. But we are playing into their hands by arguing about this issue in an infinite circle sustained by autas and belits and more putar belits. This Pakiam fella is an Indian Christian ... in my book, a lethal combination of religious zealotry AND biological penchant to twist and turn and roll and rumble and lead us all, the whole nation, into a circle of nomenclature and historical putaaaarbelitness till kingdom come.

My message to Pakiam:-


You see Ayyaa, once your real intention is clear, then we can break the impasse and handle this issue accordingly per the Federal Constitution which YOU have sworn in the name of TUHAN to uphold.

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Salam Bro satD,

Excellent post. This is what we need -- hardcore intellectual facts. Brain power. We need overwhelming logic underpinned by solid constitutional references to wear down these anti-unity subversives.

The likes of Teeny Weeny will jump out with full guns and chopsticks blazing. But this is a war of attrition. Wear them down in the public deliberations. Uncover their rotten cans of worms of vested interests and self-inflicted hyper-isolation which they later blame the Malays for their debilitating alienation in their country of birth.

Much has been achieved over the past year. Before the SSS campaign, no one, yes no one dared to touch vernacular schools. It was almost a divine thing, a "right" bestowed on the anti-Malays that cannot be questioned by anyone -- not the Malays, not UMNO/PAS, not even the Raja-Raja Melayu. But this mystique is now history, unraveled by the weight of its own ludicrousness as we continue to expose their fairytales and outright lies concocted in the name of our sacred constitution.

Let me stress again, the SJKCs and SJKTs are the viruses sustaining the Malaysian social disease known as Racial Polarisation. The Dong Zhong Donkey Kong subversives are the carriers of this virus. The effeminate Teeny Weeny is a mutated form of this biological scourge and analogous social mutants will infest our fellow rakyat if we do nothing .

53 years of this social ailment must stop now. Enough. Good riddance.

Yes, we are in for the long haul. Sleazy unemployable chauvinists masquerading as anti-unity politicians will not and cannot stop this natural process of societal rationalisation. History bears witness to this. And to those unable to comprehend or unwilling to accept the inevitable, get off your lard-ass and make appropriate emigration arrangements. From my personal observation, disgruntled Malay-hating ex-Malaysians are naturally welcomed in the sweatshops and vice dens of the world, as they integrate seamlessly with the filth and chaos of the immigrant underworld.

My main Bro, history will judge and acknowledge this ongoing effort to rescue Malaysian society from the abyss of ruin and pestilence induced by the segregationist tendencies of the unrepentant subversives.

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Bro, I see the Sin Kheh whore ass-itch virus is reaching pandemic proportions. It's time to roll out the heavy artillery on DN.

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Salam Mat. As an uncle (although much younger in age) to DYMM Tuanku and a granduncle to DYTM TM, I am saddened by the ongoing palace intrigue. I pray for Kelantan, for my land and my people.

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"Since u mentioned the thing has always been on my mind....the possibility of say one or two battalions with tanks going rogue.....taking over the capital while at the same time discreetly taking control of all the key assets in the Military...."

Bro, I salivate at this scenario. At the present trajectory of our socio-political anarchy, I don't discount the possibility. And I'll be riding this with trusty RPG in hand.

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This Ooi Chuan Aun @"Jeff" fellow is the typical no-identity confused Ah Beng tin kosong. Trashed quite a few of this subspecies during my time. Nothing like leaving the sole marks of my old Doc Martens, cat turd and all, on their flat faces and then kicking their butts as they roll to the safety of the nearest longkang.

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Salam Mat.

Darn .... there goes this year's "Wang Ehsan."

Tg. Din tried and tried hard to solve the impasse ............ but the assorted simians in semutars and baboons in bush jackets over the years were/are not amenable to finding solutions.

Many of these holier-than-thou village simpletons turned YBs couldn't even maintain their sampah-laden front yards, let alone fathom the size and comprehend the value of over a half-million acres of (formerly) pristine primeval rain forest.

BTW, the political rot is too ingrained in Darul Naimland, irrespective of party, although the Blue Dacing primates may be a tad bit trainable than the obstinate Green Moon variant of the species.

Thank Tuhan for the rakyat Kelaté, the industrious common folk that has made our home state chug along on autopilot for two decades now.

Forget the deceitful political scums of all stripes. 2010 is the year of the Rakyat.

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A truly profound piece from my brother, satD.

Now, that's what I call straight from the heart of a patriot.