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Welp, you could let me know the guy's taking suggestions without randomly throwing insults around.

But thanks anyway. I'll ask if doing that's possible.

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Could have taken the time to finally fix her mane. That thing just kills it for me, it's not the right shape, it's not the right size, it just looks awkward.

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"If you were NOT born in the U.S., how many years have you lived in the U.S.?"


Is this survey assuming I have ever lived in the US? Is this only for US residents? Should I even be responding if I'm not?

Could've warned me about it before I actually answered the whole thing.

Or should I just ignore this and put in a 0 if I'm from another country?

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What I think is that there's nothing to even talk about.

They bumped into eachother a few times a few times and blushed about it. Nothing ever actually happened.

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Being anime or not depends on the country of origin, not on the style.

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I've never been this tempted to do a shameless plug.

But either way, I don't know what it is about ponies that makes it so damn fun to do crossovers with them. They just work even with stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. One thing that can work really well in terms of fanfics that's not mentioned here is the Mass Effect series, especially if it's done simply by putting Equestria as an extra planet in the same Galaxy the game takes place in. It's a ridiculously simple idea with ridiculously high potential.

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Continuity is a big one. In previous seasons, episodes were pretty much 100% self-contained. Now, not only do we see references to older episodes all the time, but they're actually the base for new storylines quite often.

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The last few moments were corny as fuck, but lol welp, this is My Little Pony after all.

The rest of both episodes? I think it's easily the best season finale we've gotten so far. I think it's still kinda lame that it fell into the "trap" of leaving Twilight's friends behind while we had to follow Twilight on her own ( Spike), but it was fantastically excecuted, so it's hard to care either way. The episode would have been a lot different if Twilight wasn't alone anyway, so it was probably for the best.

Seriously, I haven't had this much fun with the show in quite a while now.

Now I'm seriously hyped for the idea of a movie. If they could do something this awesome in just over 40 minutes, what the heck are they gonna do with a feature-lenght film?

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A part of me is dissapointed that the strings weren't given the same treatment, but this was brilliant either way omg.

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This is hilarious, because this is hilarious.