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Why are all the ugly women barking about contraception? I just don't see the reason. It's not like they are gonna get laid? S A L U T S!

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Hey fatso, your old man gave us obama, thanks for that. He may have been a hero at one time, but coward when going against obama. Could you please have someone stick something in your spoiled little rich girl mouth to shut you up. You are a lot like obama, he never accomplished anything on his own either.

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Hannity with the 2 minute question and the 1 minute answer. I just can't take him. It's always like he is the focus. Sickening Sean.

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If she is a dike, then she doesn't count. He meant normal women, of the female persuasion.

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A man of his word and conscience. Great job Gov.!!! You can have equal rights, just not marriage. Make your civil unions work. Leave the core of society alone. You need hetero couples to make gay babies, so back off.

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Should she start by reducing her own fat ass? Oh and then the big ass she is married to? Unreal. Hey this is great 4 more years, otherwise, we are all racists.....unbelievable.

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Man I would love this guy, but I can't because I am a racist who hates Obumbles.

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I just want a picture of the dumb people who keep putting her in office. I think I can probably imagine. BTW, what happened to those ethics charges? Where the f**k is Bonehead Boner? He's gotta go to.

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Springsteen always sucked. Never got a dime of mine you commie puke.

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Check out Buckwheat on Stossil. The kid is as dumb as his hair. Unreal really.