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BuxStones is closed due a maintenance, they said that they would arrived for 24-48 hours
we hope a god news after the move to the new server
buxpedia post in his forum a news about it
which mean thos 2 ptc are the same admin

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yes, but something to be clear is that they said 0.01 in the ads, but when I'm plus the earn is so few, which mean I just ear 0.05 per click, and is a wrong action or maybe is a tactic of the admin to put that 0.01 per click but the truth is that they give us 0.005, what is a LAIR of the 0.01 we can see

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That's what I said, If he know that, he shouldn't open Buxpedia, it is very earn more from one ptc, instead to open another and earn a few, because it will the same and a waste of time

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You are right ptc investigation, but If the admin is conscious about that, about that he's payment processor account begin to reduce the earning, he have to the admin with one ptc, why did he open another site, I mean BuxPedia, as you know, Buxpedia and Buxstones are the same admin, Buxpedia also takes that decisions to reduce the value of the ads, but Buxpedia not even have 3 months and begin to make unfair actions, in buxstones we can understand because he have more time, If he can't keep a site, why he have to open another site, I think he's so greedy, that's why he open another site, Am I right?
If he didn't open Buxpedia, Buxstones shouldn't have to make that action.

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Buxstones have reduce a half the value of the ADS, why?
Is the same situation that buximple was when it was legit after being SCAM
ptc investigation why the admin did that
is unfairrrrrr and unacceptable

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wsbux is back but can we still believe in it?
Are they will be legit or still in the Watch List?

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Wsbux, have been changed to a new server, Are there become SCAM, As you can remember, Mindbux was close the site and fix some kind of problems, but pass about a week, the payment are disable, and finally become scam, wsbux begun with problems, and it doesn't have a month, what a BAD SIGN of a Honest and Legit PTC, I just know that wsbux can't be so trusty and they have been send me a mail said me that they going to changed to a new server and it will tkaes for about 24-48 hours, we can't acces to wsbux, it appear a letter that said: Sorry, We are Currently Performing Maintenance!
Dear VVSBUX members. Follow us from Twitter: We will be back and solve all the problems in 24-48 hours...All memberships and referral dates will be extended 5 days.

so, wsbux it doesn't have too much to said, and the worse thing is in the message that they send me to my mail they said that they have been banned users that begin open a dispute
read it:

We also closed disputes and suspended the users who opened disputes. 2 more disputes are waiting for solving. If these 2 users close their dispute, they will not be banned. If not, we will solve these disputes and ban their account. Sorry for hosting problem...

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Something important that I want to make you clear is that the AVATAR of the ADMIN of WSBUX is the Same as the picture that we can se when we acces to neobux,
For more details clic here:
If you can see is the same, so we can ask our self, Is that the admin picture, of course it isn't, He just take the picture from neobux and make some details, so, we can say that maybe neobux and wsbix have conection o something, just stay alert and do no invest

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hello ptc investigation, I would like you to tell me what are the best ptc nowadays, I'm so tired to register in many ptc and pass the time they became scam, such as mindbux, I never was able to cash out in mindbux, that's why I wanna know what are the ptc that are more stable and believable, I'm mean, ptc that still pay, don't have problem, have a good trusty and a honest admin, good earnings and things like this, I hope that by this I can't fall in any other cheater o scam ptc.

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Ok, I said sorry If you didn't notice, but you, by the other hand, hasn't read it, even Y give you my really apologize, by the way If I was the one who is wrong, you didn't have to go so fast, and finally I just have to said you that it wasn't a discussion like you said (Are we really going to have this discussion again, and are you going to edit and delete your comment again? If so I have better things to do. )

it just a clarification, you should at least receive my sorry or said something polite, instead you continue and continue attack me, teach me, correct me, and underline the words I said, the point is sorry, I was wrong and the next time I'll be more patience and stop copy and paste the question again, and I will just opine about ptc, and stop correct like that way, the way you answer is like you are angry, sorry If I bother you, I just want you to forgive me, that we understand each other and the next time be more tolerate and try to control yourself.
My best regards and have a good day
PS: thanks for the contribution of mindbux by qualify it in the scam list, now I know that mindbux is not worth and is a waste of time continue it