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I'll be even more specific:

How else can I help these guys promote their business?

Reddit life/local boards is what I'm thinking. They've already been written about in the NYT.

How do I word something like, "Hook your shit up with OpenTable" or "Hook your shit up with Restaurant Week" without sounding dumb?

How does a business get a write-up in something like the NY Mag?

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That's what I was thinking.

It is in fact a wine tasting place, supported by their downloadable app, and then they ask customers to review.

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Bring in new customers. They gave me ten as a number. "We need every single employee to bring in at least ten to survive".

(I've gotten in the bad habit of hitting "send" and then editing so I can see the text all at once once I write more than a paragraph)

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I'm sorry for typos.

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I had an interview with a wine store that uses apps to promote itself like a restaurant--by having customers download an App (I guess like OpenTable, really--and damn it, I failed to say that during the interview) to purchase, promote the company via Instagram and twitter, and....well, I'll back to you. They have seasonal pushes, they have promotional events. I was dumb (or ingenious) and did not ask what they were already doing to fulfill this thing, since they are a small company--how would I personally bring in new companies and add value, especially in a vendor like this?

The person that interviewed said he was already pushing corporate gift guards, which might kill my suggestion--deals with local restaurants, catering businesses, hotels (and they might already do that) at a heavily discounted price with the promise the restaurant.

Dealings with catering services, with heavy promotion of suppliers.

Advertising to NYU, which they're close to.

....There are many promotional events of films, clothing shops, and entertainment stuff where they are, so....I don't know, supplying wine to those. I don't know how to say this intelligently.

The survival of this company depends on every single employee having an answer to that.

As for what they do now--they specifically let clients come in to taste four wines each and buy what they like (I need to double check that)--taste before someone buys, just like a makeup store.

Buying adspace on blogs is all I can think, but it has to sort of blogs? Blogs like OpenTable? Does Williams Sonoma ever do deals with businesses like this? They


I have no retail experience and I failed to realize, that's really what this is. I can promote and promote and promote on Twitter.

I need the hours. At the very least, this is the first interview in a long time that did not feel 100% hopeless. I need the experience in a field different from the stuff I'm doing now, too.

I need the hours. It seemed like an okay interview. I hope I did well.

This is my post interview question (and I stupidly or

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Okay, Dogs, it's Jenna, and created a new account temporarily because I'm an idiot, applying to startups, and linked my WP account.

The person that interviewed me asked me a post-interview question to respond to via email and I could use ya'll's help.