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Sweet deal! Will check em out on my trip tomorrow.

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I have had the 9mm version for about 7 years now. Never had a issue of any type with it. I also have the PF-9 that is my favorite CCW. No issues with it either. I think they (Kel-Tec) seem to get a bum rap sometimes. It is a brand that you either love or hate. I've had cheap guns that were super reliable, and expensive guns that were crap. Its all in the luck of the draw...

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Be sure not to take a hot shower at this hotel. We wouldn't want anyone mistaking water vapor or steam as being "smoke", and charging you $250. I will refrain from using any Marriott hotel or their affiliate while traveling, until this situation is rectified.

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Also, .22-short ammo did not have enough power to cycle the chamber.

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My father has an older one that I "plinked" around with a lot as a kid. The stock was water resistant but not waterPROOF.... I did a submersion test on it. However, it did float! I think the reason they have not added other survival gear or bigger magazines to the stock may be due to buoyancy. The only mod we made was to apply thin sticky felt inside the stock to stop any rattles when disassembled.

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I agree with the reasoning behind birth prevention. I'm just hessitant to encourage hormone type birth control in order to stop menses. I have seen so many females with deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary thrombosis (mostly from the birth control + cigarettes). A pulmonary embolism is not the way I would want to see anyone leave this world. To each their own. Thats just my $.01 (was $.02 till the economy went to sh*t)

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I hear tons about the LDS store and think they are great for long term items. One place that has been failed to be recognized is "Angel Food Ministries". What is this place? Well its actually a food distribution network that works in cooperation with local churches (odds are there is at least 1 within 20 miles of you. You can find locations on their site.) There are tons of PROs to using this network, such as: 1) inexpensive good food. 2) Monthly change of menu. 3) Quick pick-up. 4) Online ordering. 5) Premium meats CHEAP!
There are a couple of CONs to the organization. It is CLEARLY stated on the site when pick-up of items is to be made. I think its a 3 or 4 hour window, on a specific Saturday, that you can get your order. If you miss your window the food gets donated to the needy.The other is you order this month and pick up next month. (I always print my receipt, write the pick-up date/time in large letters, and stick it to my fridge as well as set an alarm on my smartphone)
What type of foods and how much, you ask? Here is the website just click "this months menu" in the websites menu.

You can order as much as you like. Of course, this was started a long time ago for needy families, but now they cater to everyone. My wife and I do very well money-wise but I can't turn down these deals. They are like the LDS store in the sense that they welcome everyones business. You don't have to be member of their church, and there are no sermons involved.

Even if YOU aren't interested, check it out for less fortunate family members or friends.

I can vouch for the steaks and marinated chicken breasts they are GREAT! They ARE NOT cheap cuts!

Would like to see replies from anyone that uses angel food ministries, or checks out their site.

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I keep 1 large and 2 small shamwows in my B.O.B. along with the bandanas.

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I look at it in terms of reality..... the 3 most common rounds on the planet are the .22, 9mm, and .308 (aka the military 7.62). Sure I'd rather shoot an intruder with a .50 cal but In terms of finding a replacement round I'd go with a 9mm. I have even gone as far as to have both pistols and rifles in all 3 of those calibers. If the day ever comes that I'm out of ammo and I have to purchase or barter for more, I'm 95% sure I will be able to find my size shells. My only "non-typical" handgun is a Taurus Judge 45/410 for close quarter and home protection. As far as shotguns go, I prefer the Kel-Tec KSG 12ga.

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I have recently started dehydrating again (after my jerky phase years ago). Now I'm dehydrating burger, fruit, veggies, spaghetti sauce, chicken, eggs, etc. Im planning on purchasing an Excalibur 3900 soon, but for the time being I'm using the oven method. Its a bit slower but I put things dehydrating each night before bed. I'm amazed at the weight and space savings. Believe it or not, 12 cans of dehydrated vegetables will all fit in ONE 40oz peanut butter jar. Although these things aren't actually MRE's they are pretty quick. Rehydrating is a snap. Boil water, pour it in, wait 30-60 min and its ready t eat. There are 100's of youtube videos on dehydrating. Next week... making clarified butter!