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I think Farrell should apologize for every movie in which he has been the main focus, not just Land of the Lost. Although he should crawl on all fours to beg for forgiveness for that piece of garbage.

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"Right now, business owners around the country sure hope the President is listening."
Obama's response.

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You deserve to be dinged down for that visual. Now, where is that eye bleach?

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Some of what he does is for the show's sake. Mainly, I think he does it to see if he can do it, regardless if it makes sense to you or me. That is one of the big draws for me to the show.

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And with TBS showing "the Big Bang Theory" at least three nights a week, they may be around for a little bit longer.

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First step would be to eliminate tenure. That is the first step in holding teachers/administrators responsible. They must have tenure, or whatever clone the district/unions use, removed or everything else is just window dressing. The teachers/administrators must face potential job loss for substandard work.

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Geez, another relic????

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I wonder if someone pointed out how much Willis has earned compared to Smith. Not to mention going from a comedic character on TV to becoming a major player in Hollywood. Smith always has given me the impression that he is a control freak.

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People were probably hoping that Hathaway would have a wardrobe malfunction.

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People are smart enough to go to movies they are pretty certain they are going to like, then rent/stream the movies that they thought could be interesting, but weren't about to blow hard earned cash on something that could be crap.