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A point of correction: Brad Feld and Beth Hartman's guest commentary to which Jane Brautigam and Heather Bailey are responding did run in the print edition of the Camera. It ran on the first page of Insight in the Sunday, Oct. 26 edition.
-- Kevin Kaufman, editor

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Folks, actually the error in this sentence was not Ms. Wood's mistake. It was an editing error that I accidentally created. My apologies. That closing sentence, which now has been corrected, should have read: "After this ruling I have made a decision to no longer shop at Hobby Lobby. If you feel the same about the ruling, then by all means do not shop there either. Don't remain silent on this."
Again, apologies

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It's now posted with the story.

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Good catch. It's been edited to 6:30 a.m. today

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dancing_badger and 123CommonSense:
Thanks for the replies. My note was simply pointing to where I believed the source of the $131 million reference in the letter arose. Certainly, the Forbes piece notes that its calculations for all the 25 highest paid CEOs in its list include: "salary, bonuses, perks and the value of exercised stock options through Sept. 6." As for just straight salary, yes, your numbers for Mr. Hammergren appear correct according to Forbes.
Kevin Kaufman

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According to Forbes in an article from Oct. 12, the highest paid American CEO is John Hammergren of McKesson, the largest distributor of both pharmaceuticals and health care I.T. systems, with a total compensation package this year of $131 million. Here's the link:
Kevin Kaufman
Camera executive editor

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Thanks for the constructive criticism, however, I believe you are incorrect in the example you cite. I do not see anywhere in the Denver Post's reporting on the pancake house arrests stating the suspects were illegal aliens.
Below are the links to three items the Post had on that story. I don't believe I'm overlooking it, but please point it out if I am.
... Kevin Kaufman, Camera executive editor

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Regarding the mayor's trip, the Camera wrote about this and some other city trips in November. Below is the link to that piece. Also here is info from the story regarding the Kyoto trip and who paid:
Purpose: The Japanese government has selected 13 Japanese cities as "Eco-model" cities that will present their achievements. Boulder's mayor will attend and give a half-hour presentation on Boulder's achievements.
Cost: Paid by host.
Kevin Kaufman, executive editor

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You're correct. We posted this to the site early. We've corrected that. Thanks
Kevin Kaufman