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In reference to the radio show on April 3. I feel that the answer Glenn gave to the marine was P.C B.S. The marine took an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So this marine asked all of his superiors at what point does the new president become what he should defend the Constitution against. Glenn's answer was to soul search and go to the brig if he couldn't stand behind the military. The purpose of the oath is to make sure no matter who is in charge we go back to the Constitution for answers. To have a millions of Americans armed to defend the constitution.
I have two questions. The first being how is this guys concern for the constitution, and defending it going to effect your nephews safety. By this marine doing his job, and fulfilling his oath he is in no way less loyal. Nor does this mean he is less brotherly. Which is why our men and women fight so hard.
The second question is, How can he protect the constitution from inside the brig?
In your attempt to not create another Timothy Mcveigh, You have just cast aside the very real concern of one of our CONSTITUTIONAL defenders.

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Absolutely, I agree with Timmy's theory. Anyone that takes tax payers money should be limited as to how much they make. However Timmy and Barnie, you forget you are paid by taxpayers dollars. I as a tax payer say you should only make one dollar a year. We are coming for your money. Hey you opened the door. We are just walking through.

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OK, so to save the environment, these bone heads make people drive farther to get the "harmful" product. Don't these environmentalist believe that driving is bad for the environment? Another example of making things worse under the name of protecting the environment.