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I believe I made that "argument" in one of your previous posts about politics recently, and over the past several years I have not seen any evidence that it is incorrect. As I commented on that previous post, as a communist in America it's clear to me that both parties serve the rich and the big corporations, and not the average working-class people. If you look at what the two major parties actually do, instead of what the wealthy-and-corporate-owned media tells you, both Democrats and Republicans are functionally hardly different at all. Both parties pretend to be against each other on "culture war" issues, while they both support right-wing capitalist policies that their rich owners want. Biden has been continuing nearly all the terrible policies of Trump, many of which were actually continuations of terrible policies under Obama before him. I see no point in voting for one party owned by the wealthy and the corporations over the other, since things continue to get worse for the working class regardless of which party is in power. The argument that we need to vote for Democrats to "preserve democracy" seems silly to me, since there's no democracy to preserve when both major parties are owned by the rich. America is an oligarchy, not a democracy. While I'll likely vote for a left-wing independent or third party candidate next year, I don't think voting will fix this problem. Revolution is necessary to replace this capitalism system with a socialist system that works for the working class people.

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I have not been watching the debates so far, mainly because I don't see the point. As a communist in America, it's my view that while the Republicans and Democrats may act differently, they're much more similar than they appear, and politicians from both major parties in this country only pretend to care about the average working-class people while they really serve the wealthy and the big corporations. I have no intention of voting for whoever becomes the presidential candidate for either major party next year, and if I do vote for a presidential candidate, it'll likely be an actual left-wing candidate such as Cornel West of the Green Party, or Claudia de la Cruz of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. From my communist point of view, I'm not convinced that voting every 2 to 4 years for one of the two major parties will do anything to improve the lives of the working class anyway. More radical action is needed to replace this capitalist system with a socialist system that works for the people, instead of just the very wealthy.

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I'd argue that it's less "wokeness" that caused the Democrats in Virginia to lose, and more that at the national level, the Democrats so far have spent about ten months doing nothing for the working class people, when they ran making all sorts of promises to support policies and legislation that would help the working class. They may have a slim majority in Congress, but there are many ways for the Democrats to get those policies and legislation done, if they actually care about the people. However I'm convinced that, just like the Republicans, the Democrats really only care about the rich and the big corporations who donate to their campaigns.

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As a socialist in the U.S., I also think this country is in decline, though for different reasons than why liberals and conservatives think so. I think one of the major reasons this country is in decline is because almost all our politicians and almost the entirety of the major media in this country are owned by the rich and the big corporations. The politicians from both major parties do what their rich and corporate donors want and rarely do anything to actually help the working class people. Most of the media report their news in ways that benefit the rich and big corporations who own them, and try to ignore or downplay anything that might make their owners look bad.

I also see more and more events happening that make it clear to me that climate change is a major problem that needs to be addressed now, but the media still rarely brings up climate change with regard to those events. From my socialist point of view both liberal and conservative politicians in this country seem unwilling to do anything meaningful to address climate change, though the liberals like to pretend they care about the problem by saying nice words while still doing nothing just like the conservatives.

I think this country will continue to decline as long as the media and politicians are bought and paid for by the rich and the big corporations, and that it's long past time that we should do away with the current corrupt capitalist system and move toward a socialist system where the workers have more control of the means of production.

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I wish more people would talk about class in this country. I am not afraid of being accused of socialism or even communism for talking about the topic, in fact I'm proud to say that I am a socialist, and I'm very sympathetic towards communist political views as well. Sadly, it seems like most of my fellow Americans still don't understand what those words mean, and many view them as a boogeyman to be afraid of. Too many people in this country seem to think socialism is when the government does stuff, when it's really about worker ownership of the means of production.

With regard to work during the pandemic and working from home, I wish I had a job where I could work from home, or at least not have to be around people as much. Unfortunately I work at a retail store, so I never had the option to work from home. I definitely hope more people who have had that option manage to keep it as long as they can, since it seems to be much better for the people who can work from home to continue doing so. And I've heard that more people these days are unwilling to go back to work at companies that pay them low wages. I hope that in the future those people can get better paying jobs and aren't forced to go back to jobs that never really paid them well enough. Of course, as a socialist I hope that eventually workers will have a lot more control over their workplaces than they do now, and I'm glad to see that more younger people in this country have more positive views of socialism. These changing views on socialism, work, and wages seem to be one of the few good things that have happened as a result of the pandemic.

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I'm convinced that the establishment of both the Democratic and the Republican parties don't care about what's best for the people in this country. For the most part it seems to me that the two major parties do whatever their rich and corporate donors want, and don't support any policies that would benefit the American people. Neither of the two major parties represents my political views at all, since I'm a socialist (left-wing) and by the standards of almost every other country in the world the Democrats are center-right to right-wing while the Republicans are right-wing to far-right. I will never vote for Trump, but I'm not voting for Biden either since his political record shows he's just another establishment Democrat who represents what the rich and big businesses want. When I get my mail-in ballot I intend to vote for the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, since he much more closely represents my political views and he actually supports policies that would benefit the average people in this country.

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As someone whose political views are to the left of the Democrats, I intend to vote for the Green Party presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins. It seems like the Democratic establishment is doing everything it can to alienate anyone to left of them, and instead focusing on trying to win over Republicans to vote for Biden. I've come to the conclusion that both major parties care much more about what their rich and corporate donors want than anything that would benefit the American people as a whole. And most of the media in this country seems to be similar, reporting only stories that their rich and corporate owners want and ignoring several serious issues that the people should be hearing more about.

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I used to buy stuff on Amazon a lot, but now I almost never buy anything from them since I know how poorly they treat their workers and I don't want to give the multi-billionaire who owns Amazon more money. I also avoid getting gas from any gas stations owned by BP because of that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico several years ago, and I don't get food at Chick-Fil-A because their owners are anti-gay bigots. And I don't donate to the Salvation Army because they're a church and anti-gay. There's probably some other personal boycotts I've been doing for years that I don't remember at the moment.

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I think identity politics is a foolish way to pick a candidate, whether it's the candidate for president, vice president, or any other political office. I'd rather see political candidates be chosen based on the policies they support regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious views. As someone with political views to the left of the Democrats, I don't like Biden or Trump, and unless Biden picks a VP who actually supports progressive policies like the ones Sanders supports, I'm probably going to vote Green or write in Sanders in November.

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It's not just the cable news, although they tend to be the worst offenders. Almost all U.S. media is owned by billionaires and large corporations, so naturally they tend to be biased in favor of what their corporate owners want, and biased against people like Bernie Sanders, who seek to weaken the power the rich and the big corporations have in this country. These days I avoid most corporate-owned media, and get my news from more progressive news sites that aren't owned by the rich and big corporations. If you haven't read it before, I recommend reading the book Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky; it describes the ways the media is biased in much more detail.