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I'm convinced that the establishment of both the Democratic and the Republican parties don't care about what's best for the people in this country. For the most part it seems to me that the two major parties do whatever their rich and corporate donors want, and don't support any policies that would benefit the American people. Neither of the two major parties represents my political views at all, since I'm a socialist (left-wing) and by the standards of almost every other country in the world the Democrats are center-right to right-wing while the Republicans are right-wing to far-right. I will never vote for Trump, but I'm not voting for Biden either since his political record shows he's just another establishment Democrat who represents what the rich and big businesses want. When I get my mail-in ballot I intend to vote for the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, since he much more closely represents my political views and he actually supports policies that would benefit the average people in this country.

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As someone whose political views are to the left of the Democrats, I intend to vote for the Green Party presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins. It seems like the Democratic establishment is doing everything it can to alienate anyone to left of them, and instead focusing on trying to win over Republicans to vote for Biden. I've come to the conclusion that both major parties care much more about what their rich and corporate donors want than anything that would benefit the American people as a whole. And most of the media in this country seems to be similar, reporting only stories that their rich and corporate owners want and ignoring several serious issues that the people should be hearing more about.

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I used to buy stuff on Amazon a lot, but now I almost never buy anything from them since I know how poorly they treat their workers and I don't want to give the multi-billionaire who owns Amazon more money. I also avoid getting gas from any gas stations owned by BP because of that oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico several years ago, and I don't get food at Chick-Fil-A because their owners are anti-gay bigots. And I don't donate to the Salvation Army because they're a church and anti-gay. There's probably some other personal boycotts I've been doing for years that I don't remember at the moment.

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I think identity politics is a foolish way to pick a candidate, whether it's the candidate for president, vice president, or any other political office. I'd rather see political candidates be chosen based on the policies they support regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious views. As someone with political views to the left of the Democrats, I don't like Biden or Trump, and unless Biden picks a VP who actually supports progressive policies like the ones Sanders supports, I'm probably going to vote Green or write in Sanders in November.

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It's not just the cable news, although they tend to be the worst offenders. Almost all U.S. media is owned by billionaires and large corporations, so naturally they tend to be biased in favor of what their corporate owners want, and biased against people like Bernie Sanders, who seek to weaken the power the rich and the big corporations have in this country. These days I avoid most corporate-owned media, and get my news from more progressive news sites that aren't owned by the rich and big corporations. If you haven't read it before, I recommend reading the book Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky; it describes the ways the media is biased in much more detail.

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I'm probably going to write in Sanders if he doesn't win the nomination. I don't trust Biden to do much to improve the lives of the poor and working class Americans if he's elected president, since he's another establishment Democrat funded by rich corporate donors and his political record on a lot of issues is terrible. And I'm not convinced that Biden would do enough to address the problem of climate change if he's elected. I will probably vote for down-ballot Democrats, but I'm tired of the two major party candidates being a choice between the lesser of two evils.

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I don't understand why so many voters seem to think Biden has a better chance of defeating Trump than Sanders. From what I've seen of Biden, his trouble speaking in complete sentences and his terrible political record have me convinced that he'd lose to Trump in the general election. Sanders seems like the stronger candidate to defeat Trump to me, and I'm still supporting Sanders even after the results of the most recent primaries because there's still a lot of states and delegates left to go. I'm hoping Sanders does much better in the primary states in the next few weeks.

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I think if it's Biden vs Trump in the general, Biden's long record of supporting and voting for bills and policies that hurt the poor and minorities will make it much harder for him to win against Trump. Biden also seems to be suffering from some worrying cognitive decline that he didn't have a few years ago. He has trouble even talking in complete sentences these days, which Trump would definitely attack him on. I doubt Biden could win against Trump. I think picking Biden as the Democratic nominee would be making the same mistake as 2016.

As you know from my previous posts on this blog I support Sanders, and it's not just his policies that make me like him. He's much better at getting his ideas accomplished than the media and the Democratic establishment give him credit for. I think he's better at turning out voters than the media wants you to believe as well. So far Sanders has been in first or second place in the popular vote in every state, and when all of the pledged delegates from California, Colorado, and Utah are finally assigned he'll be tied or nearly tied with Biden. I think the main reasons Biden did so well in Super Tuesday states was efforts to suppress the vote made it harder for people that prefer Sanders to vote in several of those states, and the fact that Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Biden a day or two before while Warren stayed in the race meant that the moderate vote coalesced around Biden, while the progressive vote was split between Sanders and Warren. Now that Warren has dropped out Sanders has a much better chance of winning in upcoming state primaries. And I still think Sanders is the candidate who has the best chance to beat Trump in the general if he wins the primary.

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Bernie Sanders was my preferred candidate in 2016, and I was very glad when he decided to run for president again. I think my support for him actually increased since the first time he ran. In the 2016 election I donated to his campaign a little bit, but didn't go to my state caucus because I had to work. In this election I've donated a lot more to his campaign, I made sure to take time off from work to go to the caucus, and I even knocked on doors for Sanders once before the caucus. I still think he has the best policies and is the most honest and consist candidate.

I'm glad to see him doing so well in the caucuses and primaries so far, and it looks like Sanders has a much better chance of winning the nomination this time. I think he could definitely win in the general election against Trump, for many of the reasons you already mentioned. His message inspires people and excites them to go vote, and his campaign is focusing on increasing turnout among demographics that don't normally vote as often. He also doesn't have the baggage that other Democratic candidates have, and so far from what I've seen Sanders is very good at defending himself against the attacks on the few weaknesses he does have. I actually think he probably has a better chance of defeating Trump than all the other Democratic candidates running.

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I've been a supporter of Sanders for a long time, and at this point it looks to me like he has a very good chance of winning the Democratic nomination. I don't think fear of "socialism" will be nearly as big a problem for him as some might think, especially since many of his policies are popular with the American people regardless of the label. It also seems silly to me that so many people focus on the small number of Sanders supporters who aren't so nice on social media, while in my experience those same people don't say much of anything about the bad behavior of supporters of other candidates. The major concerns for me about Sanders are that the mainstream media is biased against him, and that the Democratic establishment does not want him to win the nomination. I'm hopeful that he can win despite those problems.