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The word "confirmed" when speaking of a ship has actually the same definition that when speaking of Half Life 3. Something along the lines of "Perhaps if I whish very hard..."

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I was looking for this comment. She is like "I can sense hyumans!" :D

Also, it looks to me that Bulk Biceps is lokking at fluttershy :P

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Having reformet Sunset return to Equestria at some point (but not forever!) is one of the things that I really want to happen, but it could happen either as a brief scene at the end, or as a core part of a movie, which I'd prefer. The idea that the third movie could revolve about human twilight is quite appealing too, and I rather have one solid storyline that a spiderman-esque movie with three subplots badly smashed together.

Actually, having Sunset and the human gang go to Equestria could be the theme for a movie after the 2017 pony one: "Shenanigans through the magic mirror: the ultimate megapony autocrossover" xDD

(Speaking of magic mirrors and crossovers, it just occurred to me... haven't you considered writing a small fic involving Twilight and Sergio? xDDD)

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There wasn't? I admit I haven't done a thoroughly research on the matter, but I recall stumbling onto what seemed "Everything that is wrong with EQG" concentrated on pseudo-anthro schoolgirl-equines living in a too human-like world, and acting like that, despite still being horses. I assumed that was G2. If it isn't, now I'm curious about what that was...

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Well, many of us agree that G1 wasn't that bad. It was an alright '80s cartoon, with all what being an '80s cartoon entails, good and bad. It just wasn't as good as G4 or other really great '80s cartoons, which there are :P

G2 and G3, those are the monsters...

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I'm from Spain and I'm not even sure I want to hear these... I watched once an episode on TV here and the dubbing was really awful... I don't know if it has improved over time but... I'm scared now...

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C'mon, I cant believe noone has already made the obvious pun about tesla coils and Twilght SPARKLE... I feel disappointed in you lot :P

That aside, I've always liked tesla coils making music, for some reasin, and this is of course no exception :) some day I have try to make my own, if I can get the time somehow...

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I've said this for a long time... There are six elements which, in their original form, are very similar to the Chaos Emeralds. They both grant great power. And even the colors are the same. Except there are 7 Emeralds and only 6 elements: The grey one is missing...
Now, who do you think would be the secret bearer of the grey gem?

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So, does anybody know of a good site for us europeans to buy american books? I know that for pony we're probably safe for now, as it has an UK publisher and we can go through there but there are a couple of other books (specifically Yen Press light novels) for which Amazon seemed my only choice and now I don't know any alternative...

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Wait... Golden Oaks... Was Oak... is Ash now... Holy Reverse Aging, Batman!