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We use continuum and I have to say that so far we had no reason to regret that choice.

Ok, I see we use a bit of an outdated nexus version (1.0.0-beta-3.1) ... so I guess I should update it?
That is how it is when a tool just runs... :-) had no reason to consider an update until now, guess that will be a good thing to do when we get out new build servers soon ...

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Are you using any kind of CI server? (continuum, cruise control etc)
I assume most of these recommendations are for the build server and isn't continuum for instance doing a lot of this?

Also, how do you set the purging of snapshots in nexus? Have looked for the setting for this in the web ui, but didn't find any... ?

Is it possible to set purging of deployed releases too?
By that I mean releases that are old and not in use any more?