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Sweet! I love shooting an AK, but honestly an AR is more up my alley!!

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I believe that's a least that's what Charlie & the chocolate factory said!

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If you think the Constitution is to difficult to understand, then you sir are an idiot!

I have 2 CHILDREN who can explain the Constitution to you in direct and understandable terms, apparently our home schooling is better than government education.

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Click on my name...........

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You really are lazy, you keep casting accusations about any one person here who states known fact...yet you're the only one who doesn't know it? Bullcrap!
The only one that denys truthful statements is you, there-fore it is you at fault.

How removed from society are you that you do not know the basics of what is going on in the world? I have a guess on that, CNN doesn't air factual information about the current economy and definitely does not like to cast a shadow on the Obammy admin, this is why.
This has less to do with the legal system and more about the laziness of someone who comes in here and will not take a statement and check its credibility. Fricking google it for gosh sakes, how lazy can one be?
It is a sad state, more of this country, when someone who has their fat ass sitting on a pc, obviously with net access, but will not even attempt to verify the credibility of a I have ALWAYS stated..."Do not take my word for it, check it".
The only thing wrong in this room is you.

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You're right, they are not! As for being an asshole you are.
I have offered up proof, but of course it didn't meet your lazy expectations for me doing it all instead of you doing anything.
As my other post states, Cat was able to discern and find the information all by himself, you're the only one who cannot?
I stated that it wouldn't stay, nothing more, I expected you would have another wonderful critique of the information not being there and that unless it was provided you are just too intellectually inept to find it yet again.
You seriously are stupid, nothing less...I made no sites up, again you are to intellectual inept to know of huffpo or dailykos, seriously deluded as a human you are.
Aside from your laziness, inability to do research for yourself and being wrong about unemployment and the Obammy admin, your posts have one redeeming value....undeniable idiocy.

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No Ronny,

Your the one who doesn't get seem to be so intellectually lazy that you expect others to do your foot work for you.
Part of your responsibility of being an informed voter is to find this information out for yourself, apprently Cat_on_Glue is able to do it for himself, so why can't you?
I have attempted to provide this information 4 times to date with it being gone within 2 minutes of it being submitted, why is that Ronny?
I won't do it again, if someone wanted to send me a personal message, I will provide the link then you can cease all that hard brain work and just look it up.
I'll just give you a brief run down:
Van Jones self proclaimed Communist
Donalrd Berwick: Communist, here's a nice quote "Any health care funding plan that is just, equitable, civilized, and humane must, must redistribute wealth from the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate. Excellent health care is by definition redistributional.” Aww isn't that special?
Kevin Jennings: Gay Pedophile who openly supports NAMBLA is the 'drug free & safe school czar' Send your kids there if you doubt me, boy.
Alan Bershin: Communist also the 'border czar' socialist.
Hell Ronny I'm giving you the names, now get busy.

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that there are so many of the foolish who are fooled by a fool. [ = ]

Would that be you or wingnut?