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"Maybe it grates on him that in his time some of the stupider Americans have crowed about American exceptionalism a bit too much—and those crowing loudest understood it least."

The sot calling the Kettle black.

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Fischer's been on this gay sex jag ever since Lindsey Graham rebuffed his advances.

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Poor Michele ("Anchor's Away!") Malkin. Oberlin's Greatest Shame® must get the worst shock each morning the first time she looks in the mirror.

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I cried because I had no shoes, and then I saw with a woman with too much stuff. And I laughed. At her. And it was good.

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A porcine, myopic slob who has a problem with the ladies? What a surprise.

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Can the Rhodes Trust demand that Miss Carlson return her Rhodes Scholarship?

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Rick's Sex tip # 10: "As distinguished ladies like Miss Peggy Noonan have demonstrated throughout their careers, going down on a conservative hero (like me!) in print is a Jesus-approved form of non-procreational sex. Now, girls, don't forget to wear your 'WWPB' bracelets to school today, OK?"

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The Ginger Man; or, The Herman Cain Mutiny

This gun-toting lady says, "See!
"I'm hot, but he never banged me!
"It's not about race
"If he cums on your face.
"Ain't no one more gentlemanly!"

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When Jackboots Last in Door-yard Bloomberg'd: An Elegy

Thus spake our Führer, Herr Mike:
"Begins now my thousand-year Reich!
I bought a third term
Will make liberals burn.
So, shut up — and ride your damn bike!"