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Does this mean that saving the planet is NOT too expensive to bother with? That is truly a stunner.

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These are fair questions, to which off the top of my head I have no better answers than you do. I believe I detect, however, a very general implication that you believe that no one is thinking much about this. If so, I doubt that. I would venture that with some effort and without going beyond a campus as formidable as the University of illinois, you could put together an impressive panel for a highly enlightening state of the art presentation on these issues. I could be wrong, but that is my guess,.

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With a little effort, overtime-only rules could be devised for soccer football that would promote scoring while maintaining much more of the spirit of the game than a penalty shootout does. I would suggest two alternative concepts. One is a series of "innings" where each team begins with a designated dangerous set piece, and play continues until it scores or the defense gains decisive control. Alternatively each team designates one player -- and if necessary more over time -- who cannot play farther back than two yards from the center line. That would weaken defenses, invite breakouts and essentially force a wide open game. And in either case, of course, golden goal/sudden death.

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You were really testing to see if anyone would notice that your broken switch method probably fails if the light is a normal LED, rather than an old-fashioned incandescent. What is my prize?

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This post picked up by the selective "The Browser" aggregator. That is two in a few weeks for RBC, after a James Wimberley opus. Getting to be a bit of an intellectual hothouse around here.

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I woud offer a similar but simpler approach. We can assume that Trump and Cohen between them DO know exactly what DID happen regarding that $130,000.00 payment. If the facts are innocent, they could just disclose and document them. Adverse inferences can fairly and reasonably be drawn from their failure to do so, and fomtheir inconsistent statements and general phumphering around. (Most likely, the prosecutors knows the facts as well by now.)

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I have also noted that Cohen's "denials" on the point have been suspiciously narrow: he hasn't been to Prague, and his passport doesn't show otherwise I have not heard him say that he was never at any meeting remotely similar the one described. His statements about where he was throughout all of the relevant time frame have also been vague and narrow. If he did use a passport- free crossing from, say, Germany to get to a meeting NEAR Prague, I am not sure that anything he has said is a provable lie. And if so, Christopher Steele's information could be correct in all but a very minor detail.

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Non-subscribers to can access new links for a day or two, and I suspect that that option will direct a good number of readers your way.

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This post has been picked up by the highly selective aggregator, rare if not unique for samefacts. Well done, Mr. Wimberley.

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I would like to see more thought given to leasing museum-owned works for display in businesses or private homes. The regimen would have to be worked out carefully, and even with good controls the risk of works occasionally being lost or damaged is not zero; but then those risks are not zero in the museum's basement either.