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As if there wasn't enough pandering already.

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If I knew the god damned things I recolored were going to be posted here, I'd rather never had posted them at all.

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I hope that someday people realize how retarded this is.

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Let's say that I made a video of such a good quality that it looks identical to the animation in the show. It gets recognition immediately after uploading it to youtube and eventually it gets extremely popular. After some time, hasbro decides to send me a threat letter, so I am forced to take it down. I knew that this could have happen from the beginning, but it did not stop me from doing what I wanted to.

At this point I have made a great video that will be remembered, that let me express myself using the characters of the show and that was shared and enjoyed by thousands of people. This video is more likely saved in the hard drives of plenty of them and it's not lost even if it's deleted from youtube. Did I really risk myself? If I had be stubborn about deleting the video, then and just then I would be taking a risk. But I already got what I wanted, to make this video and share it. I can always change my name on the internet anyways.

On the other hand, let's say that I had this amazing idea, the resources and abilities to make a great animation. But I feared hasbro's reputation of sending threats to animations. I was discouraged and decided to be a coward and not do anything. Did I accomplish anything? Nothing at all.

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if people want to make the most show accurate animation using any character of anything they want, they should be able to do it. If we stop making what we want because of the fear of their fancy threat letters, they would be getting exactly what they want. The only ones losing anything here would be the artists. hasbro may own the 'intellectual property' but they do not own the internet or the people who wants to express themselves.

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As for me, I was just trying to clarify the intention of my comment. Perhaps it was the American law system the thing that needed to be clarified in first place.

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I assure you, I know what hypocrisy is. Moving on, yes, they will but they are not going to say "My kid was PUNISHED! At school! For doing something bad!". They always find a way to make the kid the victim. Yes it is going to work. Sadly the kids are untouchable.
Also, they can do it, they can sue the school for pointless things like this. Even people here have been talking about it since the second post in the comments.
It may not have been the only thing they could have done, but yet, It's still the only thing they did. I'm not talking about if it is right or wrong. Legally speaking is not a good move to do something that will actually solve the problem. All of this due to the nature of said problem.

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-First of all, yes you DID say taking the backpack would be a solution
The only thing they "can do" Did I say that they can solve the problem? No. Please stop putting words in my mouth.
-properly punish the kids. Force them to do extra work, make them stay after school
Lawyers will surely like this one
How about you tell me what is this "SOMETHING" you are talking about?
-With what they did, they pretty much told that poor kid that what HE did was wrong.
That's your perspective. If you want to think that, who am I to tell you otherwise.
-Eventually the kid tries to kill himself and everybody cries "Why didn't he say anything?!" It's because when he DID say something, he was told it was his fault.
I already proposed a solution.
- And about that last line, really? Are you really doing this? Trying to make me look bad so that people will agree with you?
No, I wanted you to see what you just wrote. How Hypocritical your comment seemed to me.

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You disagree that's fine. But you should at least try to give a solution to the problem if you're going to criticize someone's actions.

Also this "caring and loving parents" thing I am glad you said it that way. Care and love is very different from a proper education and is exactly the motive of why a lot of children are like that, their parents don't really know how to teach them to go the right way, but they love their children a lot, that's great, but their ignorance combined with the love they feel for them is a bad thing. Why do you see so many 8 year olds obsessing over CoD or things like that? Treating their parents and family like garbage and nobody telling them to stop? their parents couldn't just say "No" to their loved children.
I assure you that if the parents did the right thing, this kind of problems would be nothing else but history.