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Nice tune.
Honestly I was hoping for something more upbeat, as if it could serve as a thyme song of an actual season of Power Rangers.

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#39 As a Canadian who's just been bludgeoned by old man winter, I know the feels Lapis, I know the feels.

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If that was the bittersweet ending, I'd be fine by it. it was a really good episode!

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I look forward to it, hopefully it'll hit Netflix soon.

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I don't know about that. I'm pretty firmly male, but I chose "become female" for a number of reasons.
From Simplest to most Complex:
1) Mares are cuter
2) I feel like mares have a small advantage in Equestrian society, which I'd want to enjoy.
and the big reason:
3) I assume this is a one way trip, its permanent and forever, and, thus, If I'm going to abandon everything, I'd want to abandon as much as possible, that includes my sex/gender. I'd want to be reborn, as I'm in for an entirely new life as a Pony in Equestria, as such I'd want to depart from "myself" as I am now. To become female would help facilitate that, I'd then adopt a new name as I embark on a new life as a mare in Equestria.

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I kinda enjoyed them. XP

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*shrug* this happens all the time with Sony, they go trough a half dozen creative heads per film, it's sad to see Lauren loose out again, but she'll be fine.
As for Medusa, I'll take a "wait and see" approach with it, Hopefully Lauren got the ball rolling in the right direction and Medusa is the protagonist, not a villain.

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What matter of loony toons madness did i just watch?

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Impressive, well, I'm sold.