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My feelings on Hamilton:


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I CAN'T STOP LISTENING, even if I need to take a break several times in the last 45 minutes because I don't want to be crying at my desk all day. Ideas on best songs to recommend as entry points for people who haven't seen the show/aren't sold on just starting at the beginning of Act 1 (which has been my recommendation so far)?

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Thank you! This has been all over my Twitter, shared especially by people whose opinions I tend to respect. I was beginning to wonder if I had missed something when I stopped reading part of the way through -- so thanks for this.

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Also, one of my friends who also went to West Point wrote a Facebook post along the lines of how proud she was of these two plus the 19 other women who tried, and of course the first comment was A Man saying, "but why aren't you proud of the other men who made it through???"

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7. Did you start considering, yet again, if you could pull off a buzzcut?

Also, I know a few people who have been to Ranger School and WOW it seems like one of those YA novel-type tests of strength that I always think I could complete in theory, but would fail at horrifically in reality.

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Most of these look kind of like Harry Styles.

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One of my friends juuust got a copper IUD. She had spent the last three years telling doctors she thought that The Pill was making her depressed, and the response was always to try and switch to a different version/dosage. Finally, she went in and spelled out that she had done research and that she wanted an IUD and she did not want the hormonal version, thank you. But if she hadn't been very set on what she wanted she could have very easily gotten Mirena -- which, who knows if it would have affected her in the same way, but the fact doctors kept keeping her on different hormonal methods without talking about alternatives isn't super reassuring.

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And I thought this list was white male comment-proof because if they defended a book, they proved the point! I guess I forgot that if they didn't feel the need to add their opinion, they wouldn't be White Men.

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This is so interesting! Thank you.