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After piece of history of the area. There is a small airfield in Beaufort. It is where Michael J. Smith learned to fly. If you are wondering why the name is familar Capt. Michael J. Smith was the pilot on the fated Challenger mission and he is one of our local heros.

Another bit, a little further down the road is Harker's Island. There was a time when there was not a road out there. No bridges. When it was open for people to come and go they found that most of the people on the island had a thick cockney accent. It is still hard to understand them to this day.

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There is one hospital in the county in the middle, in Morehead City. This county is one hundred miles long and Atlantic is very near the eastern end. It's a much better hospital now than when I was growing up. If you had asked me who the big employer was a few days ago I would have said fishing and the marine base at Cherry Point. Now I'm not sure what's going on there. I worked at both. The area is always growing in Beaufort, but that area is very marshy where the house is, so I don't know if there are animal restrictions. But I know that with the HGTV dreamhome I kept thinking that this was the perfect area or near Morehead. Also, for you voters. The lighthouse design is really perfect for this area. I am betting that you can see the light turn from Cape Lookout lighthouse from the house. So the NC design or the Lighthouse design is much better than the compass. If you win the house those are what you are going to want.

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Cape Lookout is the light house in Carteret County and close to Atlantic. It looks to me that the house is sound side but I really don't know it you can see it from this site. But you can see them sometimes from the waterfront in Beaufort, which to me is closer than New Bern that they have listed. Beaufort is historical and famous for old cemetaries and right now the Maritine Museum which houses items from the savaging of Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge. My dream for going home is the seafood.

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I am so excited about this DIY. I am currently living in TN, but I am from Carteret County, where this house is. The thought of getting a house on the sound tickles me. Any questions about the area?

Great work guys! Spring is coming, stay dry.